Real Life Python

My friend had a good status update on her FaceBook profile today. Now this friend is aware of PythOnline and is all into community fan sites. A Big Black Adder and Hugh Laurie Fan. All I gotta ask: aren't children wonderful or what?


Children's games tend to have a resemlbance to Monty Python every now and then...

"Dear Sir, you are now forced to go to jail. You left your baby on a K-Mart shelf and you sold it. You're guilty! You're going to jail! But not to worry, here in this prison there are hidden golden eggs. If you find a golden egg, you walk free. That's right, freedom with a golden egg! So if you please, you have one half hour to look. Remember, golden eggs. They might be under say a coffee cup. Leave no cup unturned. Freedom with a golden egg!"


Another question I gotta ask: d'you think her kids watch Python with her? ;D

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mrsCutout: Hahaha this reminds me of stuff haha!Well maby Python is based on these things!I know I used (still do actualu) play such silly games with my friends!