references makes me smile

ok, over here we have this show about real crimes, they give facts and then all of our countrey gets to phone in if we have any tips.
last night it was a special show on during to the fact its been on for 20 years now.

and at the end there was "best of" a crime-proffessor thats on the show, he talks and looks like an old wino and is very funny in general. (its him on the second pic) and he was answering a question about a politician that was murderd here in like 86, and gave a total diss to the polices standing right behind him and then he went "this case is as dead as a norweigan blue"

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katithepythonfan: I'm playing Sims Medieval and there's an NPC called Roger the Shrubber...

mrsCutout at 2:31 pm April 03

hahaha good one!

Lvndr HppE: I JUST OVERHEARD A PYTHON REFERENCE!!! And of all things, a Golden Girls rerun. One of the characters was just quoting Shakespeare and Sofia (the oldest on the show) said "Well, pardon me while I play the grand piano". It made me think of the flying lessons sketch where Graham kept saying "Well pardon me, I'm off to play the Grand piano!"

MontyPythonrocks18: I love this other show called Mystery Science Theater (for those of dumbheads who dont know it, its a show where a guy and two robots make fun of bad movies) and they often make a lot of Python jokesXD Like they did 'the larch' and 'bring out your dead' XD that always makes me smile when i hear jokes like that

Lvndr HppE: Speaking of Python references, I saw "Get Him to the Greek" yesterday. And there's this one part where Russell Brand (who is a Python fan as we all know from the new documentary) was calling his ex-girlfriend when her new boyfriend (played by Lars Ulrich) answers the phone. Russell's character then pretends to be her mother. Lars then hands the phone to the girl and says "Your mother sounds like a Monty Python sketch". I was the only person in the audience who then burst out into hysterical laughter.

the_thina at 11:27 pm June 06

hahahaha. and lasse is in it too you say? didnt know he could act too. but on the other hand, bad acting has never stoped pepole from being in movies before...

flopsy_mrs: lol that's like 3rd grade got new english books this year i took a look and in the back they have to fill in a conversation from fawlty towers :)

flopsy_mrs: lol that's like 3rd grade got new english books this year i took a look and in the back they have to fill in a conversation from fawlty towers :)

flopsy_mrs at 2:02 pm June 05

srry for the 2 times i don't know what went wrong

Lvndr HppE at 8:34 pm June 06

Get out! That's so cool!

Lvndr HppE at 8:34 pm June 06

Do you remember what the conversation was?

Lady and Laird Candermine: That's rich .... LOL and what a thing to say on a murder crime show... ha

the_thina at 8:53 am June 03

haha, well, its not just about murders, its about robberys and all sorts of crimes. he just got a question about the investigation of that murder then.
but yeah, its a helluva thing to say. haha.
not to mention the look on the cops faces when he more or less called them useless when they were standing behind him! XD

Lady and Laird Candermine at 8:58 am June 03

it's always important to have good crime fighters... that's for sure

the_thina at 9:00 am June 03

haha yeah. but I completely understand him dissing them, our most powerfull man was shot dead in 86 and they still dont know who did it.

Hanri at 2:42 pm June 04

Voi Palme..... No Cold Case cast can crack that, not a chance in the past 15 years.

the_thina at 11:24 pm June 04

yep, its palme Im talking about. the whole thing is so bizare. and no, I dont think we ever will find out who did it, and I feel sorry for christer pettersson, even if he too is dead now... (the guy that got pointed out for being the killer. sure he was a drunk/junkie, but a pretty harmless one)