a python-line reqruting pic I made for the swedish site biddagboken. it is on focus in 1 ½ hour se keep fingers crossed that loads of swedish members will register then. :)

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TheSister91: that's amazing!! good job Thina!! :D

the_thina at 7:35 am November 29

thank you. :) but it just felt like something he would say. :)

Hanri: Bilddagboken! :D

Yay good work, Thina! Exactly what the Python Army needs!

the_thina at 12:57 pm November 09

haha, yeah as long as they dont spam but just keep buissy posting good things. ;)

the_thina: no coments yet? *wonder if others can see this or if I made some sort of misstake and posted it private or something*