Ripping Yarns fans will hopefully like, maybe Michael might too :)

This is a poem I wrote the other week when I got bored based on my favourite Ripping Yarn, The Testing of Eric Olthwaite. You guys let me know what you think and who knows, I may even send it to its original author. :) This is my gift to you as I will be absent from pythonline for a good week as I am going on holiday to Cornwall :) Here it is...

A Totally Ripping Yarn

There's a man called Eric Olthwaite,
in Denley Moor, he had no mate
despite having such a passion
for the latest in shovels, in all fashion
but that's not his main interest, oh no!
He likes to watch how the rain doth flow
down to the ground, precipitation
He measures them all with exhilaration.
Unfortunately for him, well this is it,
he really is a boring little tit
To inspect the blackness of black pudding
whilst the damns of the Moor began flooding.
No wonder his mother ran away
and his lass Enid's having her way.

He was too boring for the bank
and the bank manager's rank
meant grown men had destroyed themselves,
cast into quagmires, thrown into wells.
Our Eric joined a gang with Arthur,
became infamous throughout the whole of Yorkshire,
Stealing shovels and gauges of rain,
shot the mayor and caused him pain.
They love a villain, made him a hero,
Eric Olthwaite, no longer a zero!

Thanks for reading, all feedback welcome :)

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Lvndr HppE: We recently got Netflix. Ripping Yarns is on Instant Que, as well as two of Michael's travel series'.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Why didn't I comment on this masterpiece earlier?! That was brilliant!

thewhoserpython: Thanks for your comment guys! I did send a letter to Michael along with this poem about a month ago and I'm still awaiting a response. I'll let you know when he gets back to me! :)

Mrs.Pewtie: Love love! :D
Do sent it to Michael, I am sure he will love it as much as I do!

Paute: Wow! Great poem. Congrats thewhoserpython i think is a great present.

bundtcake: Great! I love that episode too. I echo everyone else, definitely send it Michael.

Tanya_Birklid19: I like it. Definitely send it to Michael.

Miss Bond: It's great! I love it! You should send it to Michael ^^

Arthur-two sheds-jackson: Great stuff, have a great holiday

mrsCutout: Lol it is great! Great job !:)

Rosemary Greenwood: Great! :) It's like a new shovel... A hundred new shovels!

Lady and Laird Candermine: The Laird adores Eric Olthwaite ... one of his favorites ...
Your poem is delightful and one lives the whole Eric adventure all over again within it..
good job!!! ...