Road Signs ... !!

My friend tagged me in this picture on facebook from

Oh, if only every pedestrian crossed the road like that ...

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Paute: Great!!!

Holly: That is awesome! Is that for real?

A. Lupin at 6:23 pm August 01

I wish!

Holly at 4:33 am August 02

I want to get one to hang in my living rooom

A. Lupin at 11:31 am August 02

that would be one awesome sign to have in your house.

Tanya_Birklid19: OMG that made my day! lol

the_thina: HAHAHA! oh that was one of the best things Ive seen all day

Hanri: I dream of spotting one of these graffitis!

Johnnyrose: I LOVE IT!!!!!!

mo: This is magnificent.What town is the sign actually in?