RSM Hanri Coming Clean

No, you won't see me showering here or anything like that. That would be just silly. Your RSM decided to give an update on everything by doing the least she could - a vlog.

A ca-zillion things to say, so few minutes. :)

Long Live The Python Army!

All yours, as frantic as she gets,
Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

ps. The Neil Innes merchandice b(r)ought to you from

pps. Excuse the couple of the first seconds and a few last seconds of the video missing, they went on vacation in short notice and the management didn't get to find replacements for them in time. The head of the management has now been sacked. Carry on.

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Lemming_Of_The_BDA: Hanri's getting tied down! Congrats you better be happy or so help me I will come down to your new house and MAKE you happy >:D

Johnnyrose at 2:53 am August 06

Lemm, count me in! Be afraid, Hanri husban, be very afraid if you don't make ouer SMajor a happy wife! We'll taunt you with so many ways... your ears will blead!!

Hanri at 3:16 am August 06

Good to know I have an Army backup on this. Ha ha!

Happy, happy, happyyy, everybody's happyy....

Lemming_Of_The_BDA at 3:03 am August 07

You sure he didn't make you type that?! If you want me and Johnny can rough him up a bit just so he knows we mean business.

Hanri at 4:07 am August 07

Well he did gasp once or twice when I made him read what you guys wrote: "*gulp*...taunt?..."


the_thina: oh, I forgot to say CONGRATS the last time. bad thina! bad bad thina!
haha. so here goes; CONGRATS!
hope you will have a long and happy life together

Hanri at 7:34 am August 05

Thank you very much, Thina. :) I hope so too.

the_thina at 7:18 pm August 05

yeah. and if he ever treat you bad he will get the whole python-army after him. haha

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Hanri... Darlin'... the lady who pointed me to this web site.. (now they know who to blame careful) ; ) Congrates to your wedding!!!! ... best of luck to you and your husband! ..
Sorry about your beloved Biggles... hugs to that...
Ironically... after having just posted a photo of a friend that looks like Eric.. I also have a friend Maria.. who looks like you ... LOL .. so I feel I know you even more...
the world is tiny ... but the money is large otherwise we'd love to come out to play..
...again. l

Hanri at 1:49 am August 05

I've noticed that everybody knows at least two people who look exactly the same... At some point. I know about three "pairs". ;) The world IS tiny.

Thank you so much! I'm actually sitting on the train on my way to the Assembly, and my guy is sitting next to me reading every word I type lol. We've know each other for 9 years or so, love him to bits. :)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 10:42 am August 05

OH ... that is so sweet!!! He's right there and you love em to bits!!! It's the best to be in love with your best friend and then run away and marry him!!! The Laird and I really are very happy for you both!!!! : )

Hanri at 1:52 am August 05

Meant to add that it's nice to know that now I can be blamed for something awesome for a change! ;)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 10:42 am August 05

blush *

Johnnyrose: Ahhhhh.... you are so sweet... :0) 14 August I'll drink for U2!

Hanri at 1:02 pm August 03

What, you put Bono over me? Shame on you!.........

Thanks, friend. :o)

Johnnyrose at 2:41 pm August 03

... but with water... on friday, 13 (!?!?) I'll be submeted to an kidney surgury, so... but it count's the same, right?

Hanri at 11:59 pm August 03

Dude! Seems like everybody around me is going to a surgery these days.... Hope everything's gonna be well with you! Of course it counts.

mrsCutout: Hahaha great Hanri! Or Hannamari! And thanks for the link!love the shirt!

the_thina: do they ship to sweden? how do the shipping work? paypal? wanna run off and buy NOW!

Hanri at 1:00 pm August 03

If they ship in Finland in less than a week, I should think they ship to Sweden too. :) And if I remember right the only form of payment is PayPal (love it, btw).

the_thina at 1:03 pm August 03

oooh, Im going there NOW! thanks so much for the tip

kisch: Hej Hanriiii! Thanks for that, I love listening to you:)) I love how you pronounce "Hannamari":))

About PO meeting, I didn't know it was discussed, but it's a cool idea!

Hanri at 12:50 pm August 03

Yup, that's mah name, a very wierd language this. :) Takes practice to bounce from English and Finnish pronounciation within a sentence.

The PO meeting came up on Mo's thread "Python addicts in the South of England" and later on The_Thina's "Holy Grail hitting the streets of a modern city". What better ways to stregthen our ranks than grouping as many as possible of us up! Later on I will open a new discussion thread for the meeting, so put on your thinking caps, everybody!

the_thina at 1:02 pm August 03

so flatterd my idea is up for voting! or what to say. :D

Hanri at 1:04 pm August 03

My dear, ALL IDEAS ARE WELCOME! Especially good ones. :)

Johnnyrose at 1:00 pm August 03

You bet!