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thewastelandr at 8:30 am February 01

The Beatles in bathing suits...

Paute at 9:17 pm February 06

Are posing as Mr. Gumby!

Holly at 8:45 pm February 06

Ha, the first bathing suit I bought my son looked like that! it was so tiny & cute.

Paute at 9:16 pm February 06

Jejeje up that picture!

the_thina at 8:57 am February 01

haha. I thought men stopped wearing those in the 30s?

thewastelandr at 4:38 pm February 01

They would wear them!! I wish women still wore bathing suits from that time period - I think they're lovely!

Kasmira at 3:50 am February 07

I'd move myself to that decade! But hopefully I'll find some guy or girl in that time who prefers 60's and 70's and who understands me properly :)

thewastelandr at 8:17 am February 07

Yes :)

the_thina at 8:13 am February 01

perfectly random picture with donkeys on the beach and the boys in ainchent bath-suits. haha

mrsCutout at 8:11 am February 01

Lol they look so happy haha!

Paute at 11:10 am February 01

Jajaja! It´s the same!


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thewastelandr at 6:28 pm January 31

Goose step mamma!


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Paute: What is your favourite song of the movie?

the_thina at 6:40 am January 31

for me its ouch or get up and go.

thewastelandr at 6:47 am January 31

So hard to choose... but "I Love You," "Ouch," "Don't Know Why," "Cheese and Onions."

They're ALL good!

Paute at 1:57 pm January 31

Yes. I can´t pic one. All are amazing!


I have just gotten at least 2 swedish beatles-fans curious about rutles now.played ouch and get up and go for them and they almost creamed their pants when I told them george is in the movie.^^ YAY FOR ME!

Holly at 5:22 pm January 29

Yay for you! I tried to show it to a Beatles fan once, he didn't get it at all. It went right over his head. It must really suck to go through life with no sense of humor.

the_thina at 11:28 pm January 29

hahaha. you would think that most beatles-fans would have good taste in general, wouldnt you? but its his loss

thewastelandr at 7:38 am January 30

You would think, but I think a lot of people like them just because they're played all the time. They probably don't know much about them, or haven't seen their movies.

the_thina at 7:44 am January 30

I havent seen the movies eiter I have to admitt. but I know the storys... and I wanna see magical mystery tour... guess why? ^^

thewastelandr at 7:47 am January 30

Ahahaha... hmmmm... there are multiple reasons I'm sure ;) It's AMAZING!! Oh and you must see all the movies!! All incredible, I don't think anyone has ever been able to top Hard Day's Night though. I've heard in film schools they study that film because of the amazing camera work. And it is brilliant!

mrsCutout at 4:35 pm January 30

it is amazing! i think it's their best movie! ehm do you know how many movies are there?i only know let it be magical mystery tour,yellow submarine ,a hard day's night and help!i think lennon did some alone ...

thewastelandr at 5:57 pm January 30

Yes that is right. Ringo did Candy, The Magic Christian (w/ Peter Sellers), and many more. John did How I Won the War, Apotheosis, and a few others I think.

mrsCutout at 8:25 am February 01

OK thanks a loooot! :D

the_thina at 8:10 am January 30

well, from what Ive heard, magical mystery tour is pretty bad, but the bonzos are in it.^^ but of course thats not the only reason. I love beatles even more after they started flipping out and taking acid and so on. the music became better then I think

thewastelandr at 9:10 am January 30

I think so too. I'm not sure what part the Bonzos are in... but I'm assuming probably on the bus. I haven't seen it in several years. Ok need to check it out again!

the_thina at 9:24 am January 30

no, they are on stage, performin death cab for cutie.

mrsCutout at 4:35 pm January 30

coll i had never seen that before!

the_thina at 6:41 am January 31

good thing you did now then. :)

thewastelandr at 9:31 am January 30

Oh my gosh, that was cut out of my version because of the stripper! Damn American censors I'm sure... I remember it showing something like "scene censored" or something like that! Oh my gosh, I feel so cheated!

the_thina at 9:51 am January 30

oh poor thing. :( good for me though, here in europe nudity is nothing no-one gets worked up about. haha

thewastelandr at 10:00 am January 30

Hahaha ugh so stupid! The reason probably is that my mom taped it onto a vhs from tv, so it was probably censored on tv. I'm sure on dvd it's not. Americans are so perverted I think because they are taught to suppress their feelings on sex.

the_thina at 10:14 am January 30

yeah, there are sweish kids-films that are labeld with "nudity" on imdb. and I think "what?!" and think back and then its because you saw 2 pre-puberty kids running into a lake and see a buttcheek for a split second. I mean COME ON! and same thing if someone curses on some american takshow its bleeped out. here we can scream CUNTCOCKASSTITTIESFUCK for 10 solid minutes on tv without anyone reacting.

thewastelandr at 10:20 am January 30

YES! It's pathetic that censors will cut out anything even slightly related to sex and the littlest bit of nudity but will leave in as much violence as you want. Totally bogus, if you censor one thing why don't you censor them all, or not censor anything at all! They need to realize their audiences can make their own decisions. Gag.

mrsCutout at 4:31 pm January 30

Just to say that i completely agree with all you say! and here it's the same thing! tv shows american or greec contein nudity sex scenes and filthy words and still they are"suitable for kids".Now there is one great showman who makes fan of the stupid politicians and bad descisions and sometimes he sai"asshole"etc so tthey've censored the show!even though he rarely swears and other programs rae hidious!

the_thina at 6:49 am January 31

haha.I can give you an example of how it is here. there is a channel who have a theme in the movies they show every weekend. last week it was a sex-theme. it was american gigolo, calander girls and that movie about john holmes. and they aired a comercial all week that said "horny weekend!" with clips from the films and kept coming back to this gil saying "this is a huge cock!" they bleeped the word "horny" during daytime, but between 6 pm and like 10 am they showed it with the word "horny" in it (and that word was said about 5 times in a 30 second-comercial) so.... thats how it is here.LOL

mrsCutout at 8:49 am February 01

Oh my!wow! haha this is awfull! and suppose litttle kids are watching..i mean they keep showing crapy things wich 9even though i am against censorship)should be censored!This is unacceptable the good tv will be vanished....

the_thina at 10:25 am January 30

yes I know! and I think censorship should be faught as hard you can. well,of course there are exepstions, like snuff-films, child/animal-porn and so on, but in general I feel very strongly against censorship. and I am greatful I live in a countrey where fake blood and fake sex and even nudity is allowed in 99% of the cases

thewastelandr at 11:20 am January 30

I agree completely! Obviously it's not really that tasteful to show certain things, but USA is a country of many freedoms, just not SOME I suppose... Oh well I really do think in the not too distant future things such heavy censorship will be repealed.

the_thina at 6:45 am January 31

yeah, but thats good. when stupidity is mating with power we need to do something about it. and that is the case when it comes to most censorship. :S

thewastelandr at 7:04 pm January 29

Lol so true!!

the_thina at 12:54 pm January 29

strange, the picture I added to that post did not show up. :/

Paute at 3:39 pm January 29

Yes! nice clothes!

mrsCutout at 3:37 pm January 29

ooooh i just loove them! hillarious !

the_thina at 11:29 pm January 29

haha, yes I love this picture. ^^ and little neil seems to be stronger than he looks. O_o