I've watched All You Need Is Cash about three times and every time I watch it I can't remember a damn thing about it. Of course, since then we have had Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story, but even so...

So I decided to get hold of Rutland Weekend Television and my first impression is - WTF? Did Mr. Idle license that ploughing the field animation from Mr. Gilliam? I sure hope so.

Expect rantiness.

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the_thina: is it released on dvd now? (the picture you posted, looks like something someone would do in photoshop or paint, either that or BBC have had a mental breakdown and started using computers from the 80s for making covers)

genji at 11:26 pm October 23

I don't think so. I tried to find it on but they only have the two specials. Yes you're right about the picture - I've changed it now.

The cover looked like something RWT would produce.

the_thina at 12:23 am October 24

yeah, if it was on dvd the brittish version of amazon would have it, thats for sure. what specials was that? havent seen the whole show, just some clips on youtube...

haha, you have a point there, very low-budget. I seem to remember seeing something when they came in and kept taking the clothes off the introducers (or whatever you call people who sit and talk between shows in english) during the show. but as I said, have never seen one whole episode

genji at 12:37 am October 24

By "specials" I mean All You Need Is Cash and Can't Buy Me Lunch.

the_thina at 12:48 am October 24

well, that is not specials, thats movies about the rutles. :P not the same thing IMO

genji at 2:26 am October 24


genji: Finished S01E01. It was interesting. After about 15 minutes I noticed that I hadn't laughed at all - not once. Thereafter I paid particular attention to the jokes in order to try to try to generate laughter (as one sometimes has to do with Ripping Yarns).

It's very strange. Mr. Idle performs his parts in a manner identical to Python and yet in this setting it touches humour not.

And every time Neil Innes comes on-screen I think (rather optimistically, hopefully, piningly), just for a fleeting moment, that it's Mr. Jones.

I've downloaded fourteen of these buggers. I hope they get better.

I'd rather watch Sez Les.

genji: Holy ordure. The first sketch (a nonsense interview) was simply marvellous. Why didn't he do this with Python?

Here Comes Another One at 6:14 pm October 23

Thanks for this post! It's good to get more opinions on RWT, having watched a little bit myself.

Yes, I LOVE that nonsense interview! But I have to say that my YouTube investigation didn't compel me to watch any more than that. The Tommy parody was quite funny but went on a bit long. The nonsense interview was by far the best.

'Machine wrapped with butter?'
'Machine wrapped with butter.'

Personally I find Eric Idle hilarious in Python, but in his brief moments. I love to watch TV & movies on my iPhone and to save disk space, I make Python (and other comedy) compilations of about half an hour each. I've just been making an Eric Idle one and I've found that about 75% of my favourite bits are less than 10 seconds long. For me, that's where he's brilliant, so maybe that's why a whole show didn't appeal as much to me.

Still, by the sound of things he needed to get out on his own, because of writing alone and being 'outvoted' in Python, having to fight for his material. (Aside note: maybe RWT tells us why? No, that's mean!) If it's on DVD, I'll get it and give it a proper chance.

genji at 11:28 pm October 23

Oh dear. I was hoping for some improvement as they got into their stride. I'll stick with it for a while but if it doesn't get better I can see concerns over disk space coming into play...