sad news (if its true)

so, found this article on aftronbladet (not the worlds most serious source) saying that john and eric are very angry at eachother at the moment.

I will do a whole google-translate on the article (I dont have the time to do it word for word) but as we all know google translate sucks.
so in short words: eric has cut johns speakingpart as god in spamalot and said something like "john is always short on money, I would not marry him if I gat payed to!" and john has called eric "yoko idle" on his twitter.

I have felt something bad bubbeling under the surface when it comes to eric vs the others, have felt it for years, but I hope aftonbladet is just sticking feathers up their butt pretending to be a hen.

link to the article (if any swede has missed it)

google translate:

LONDON. Hit musical Spamalot has made John Cleese and Eric Idle to enemies.

The former Monty Python members is in a bitter feud over money.

Eric Idle pay royalties to Cleese and the other Monty Python members of his musical "Spamalot" has been successful over the world and currently playing at the Oscar Theatre in Stockholm.

Cleese has also received additional money for their participation in the musical as "God" in a recorded vote. But idle now refuses to continue paying John Cleese and has deleted his involvement from the show.

Instead, Idle himself now spoken in the voice, writes the Daily Mail.
Mock ex-colleague

Cleese has repeatedly claimed that he forced the tour to be able to afford their expensive divorce is said to be furious, but Idle stands and mocks his former colleague by saying that he would take 150 million to marry him.

- It's not evil, he has earned millions of dollars on it already. He has always been in economic crisis, says Idle.

John Cleese, in turn, fought back on Twitter:

- I see that Yoko Idle, again, whining over royalties. Apparently, he has paid me "millions".

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Egghatch: That sucks. I hope they'll be able to work things out soon.

Mr Nudge: Oh no :s Stop fighting you adorable little men!

BeatrixRosierDawson: They forgot to look on the bright side of life.