Sad news....update

I have to be checked for an optic glioma (a type of cancer). I am only 18 as well, too young to have cancer...I am having an MRI on Wednesday so I hope everything turns out alright. The reason I'm being checked is because of a health problem I have sometimes causes things like that and since my vision changed for the worse very rapidly they have to check...wish me luck.


I had an eye and brain scan, my eyes were clear but something showed up on the brain scan, it's probably not cancer, it may just be the tumor that disappears and reappears there. I'm getting another MRI in June. Tumors aren't that big of a deal for me since I have a genetic disorder which, to explain it simply, causes me to lack tumor suppression. There's a lot more to it than that, if you want to know more you can message me and I can give a link, I just don't want to advertise it here.

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MontyPython93: We all support you, and I swear, miracles do excist! Never loose hope <3
Love Hannah

mrsCutout: Shit!!!!!!!!!!1that is awfull!it is so bad i am so sorry!! I wish you the best of luck!We all support you and have our fingers crossed!

WackyQueen: good luck!! :(

Hanri: All my prayers are with you, hope all turns well in the end and the tumour thing doesn't grow.

the_thina: oh holy shit! this sounds no fun at all dear. have my fingers crossed that everything will be allright

Paute: Good luck we here for support you!!!!

Romanes Eunt Domus: Good luck. And if you ever get down, remember Pontius Pilate's fwiend in Wome.

No matter the circumstances, no matter how many times I watch it, I always seem to laugh.

Biggus......Dickus is always funny.

Stig: Just remember to "Always look on the bright side of life! Do do do do do do do do"

thewastelandr: Good luck! Will keep my fingers crossed for you!

MontyPython93: My dear friend!!! You know, that even if it's positive, it doesn't mean it's the end! I'm sure that it will turn out alright! God, you made me lost my english xD hehe...But let me tell you, that even if the worst thing happens, never give up. A lot of people with cancer gets well nowadays..! I believe in you, and I wish that it'll turn out well..! Sorry if I speak weirdly, but it's just that I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to cancer and diseases and so on..! Hugs and kisses, and promise that you won't give up hope, whatever happens! <3

arkennedy: Good luck. I hope it turns out well for you.

Lady April: I am sure everything will be ok Em, good luck to ya =)

kisch: Best of luck to you !

Kasmira: Among the others, I wish you luck and better health. Hoping it's not a cancer. *hugs* You're lucky you have all this support here :)

Fettle: Best of luck and health to you sweetie, im sure you'll be fine. You're young and a trouper im sure so stay strong and calm and you'll get through :) take care :)


My thoughts are with you - hope everything goes well. Don't stress out about it too much, or you'll end up like Terry Jones singing "I'm So Worried"...

Hanri: Let's hope that it's not the case. I'm praying for you, hang on there!

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Our prayers for good health to you!!! We hope all will turn out well...So sorry to hear you have so much to go through in your young life.... hugs from the Candermines.

Lady and Laird Candermine at 12:48 pm January 05

I hope this photo works better... : ) Try these angels... instead!
We continue to hope that all will be well with you!!!! Hugs....