San Francisco Comedy Festival - for USA Python Fans

Go if you can!!!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail - JAN 21, 7PM AT THE CASTRO THEATER
Monty Python’s Life of Brian - JAN 21, 10PM AT THE CASTRO THEATER (Python’s own Terry Jones will introduce the screening, seen on the glorious Castro Theater screen!)

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MontyPython93: God, WHY??? What have I done to deserve this??

Romanes Eunt Domus: Damn...

Dear Terry Jones:

Please come to Iowa City. We have nice local theatres, a real university, almost adequate night life, and all the corn you can stomach.

Thank you.

thewastelandr at 6:43 pm January 12

Haha yes! If that letter works, let us know so we can all fly to Iowa City!

Paute at 5:16 pm January 12

And then come to Buenos Aires.
¡¡Vamos!! ¡Qué les cuesta un avión más!

Kasmira: All these funny events are always too far a way Finland. I found out that Spamalot is going to perform again at New Wimbledon Theatre in London...
My London visit placed in next month but if I only get a job, I really aching to get ticket for Spamalot, because I wasn't expected it will be shown anymore...

Holly: What a wonderful opportunity that we're all going to miss.

Stig: Damn wish I could go, but for heaven's sake! I live in Aussie!

Kasmira: Too far away from US of A... Unfortunatelly.

thewastelandr: WOW!!! If my classes didn't start, I'd be there! Who is going??

kisch: Oh ! Wrong side of the pool, I am.
Would be terrific to see dear Terry... but well, hope some of our friends can attend !

Johnnyrose at 5:28 pm January 09

For me too... because... (shameon me) I never saw any Python movie on the big screen... please spank me... I deserv