searching for monty python fans to do silly walks on German TV

I'm looking for Monty Python fans in London who would be willing to do silly walks for German-French TV-Channel ARTE. We're shooting next Thursday, 17th July in Speaker's Corner in London with two comedians (who are huge fans of the Pythons) and we would love to surprise them with a bunch of people doing silly walks. The shooting lasts maximum an hour and will take place in the evening (more exact times to be noticed).
I hope to find many of you guys in order to show an hommage for eccentric british humour!

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Brian: I do The Silly Walk best of my friends but alas, I live not in London.

AlbatrossAlbatrossAlbatross: Nooooooo! I wish I could, but I'm from New York... :/
I would LOVE the chance to do silly walks though!