The Secret Policeman's (other) Ball scans

Here are a few scans from the Other Ball book, thought they might be of interest to someone! (The programme notes from Palin and Jones scattered throughout the book are priceless: "Sorry, but this is the 13th time John Cleese's name has been mentioned, and we're only on page 3!")

Let me know if there's any other pages you'd like scanned... I think it's safe to assume we're all fans of the many talented comedians that performed at these shows. :)

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grahamfan: Graham looks flat. Is it a photograph for advertising? He did not appear with this appearance.

mrsCutout: WHere the He;; did you get that???

gruggywoof at 5:17 pm October 29

From a secondhand bookstore! I don't think these books are terribly hard to come by, they pop up on eBay occasionally...

the_thina: btw, just noticed that its not just mke and john who has gone for the godfather cotton-in-cheeks-look, looks like neil did it as well. seems a bit hard to sing with cotton in your cheeks, but then again, he is a mad-man. :P

Paute: WOW!!!!!! Amazing!!!
Thanks a lot for this!!!!

thewastelandr: Very good photos!! Thank you for adding them!

Not that late: This was hilarious!
There is soooo many things I haven't seen (or read)!
Thanks for posting.

Here Comes Another One: Those liner notes REALLY made me laugh. Though I'm pissed off as well as laughing at the 'history of beekeeping sketch' bit because I wrote something very similar some time ago. Yet again people are stealing my ideas before I've thought of them, damn them. Thanks for posting!

gruggywoof at 4:37 am October 26

The book was worth getting just for the liner notes; "Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton - Performers of such international repute that John Cleese thought they came from a car hire firm". Too funny about the stolen ideas, the nerve of it! Atkinson's little verbal tics remind me of Marty Feldman on the train, think that was on '1948', too?

Here Comes Another One at 4:42 am October 26

Yes, I love that sketch! The first Marty Feldman thing that I remember really cracking me up. He's not my favourite comedian but bits are funny. He's awesome in Yellowbeard, and it's so sad that he died before they finished it.

genji at 2:36 am October 26

Was that before you wrote that epic comedy about the guy who's mistaken for the Messiah during the Roman occupation of Judea or after? ;)

The Beekeeping Sketch has been around a lot longer than that. I'm sure I've seen a version in which Mr. Cleese plays the interviewer but here's a version from At Last The 1948 Show:

Here Comes Another One at 3:43 am October 26

Luckily I have not become that far gone, yet. :-) I've seen the 1948 show version, good stuff.

genji at 9:33 am October 27

Have you considered posting any of them here?

Proper Python 'fanfic' would be fan-penned sketches IMO.

Here Comes Another One at 5:24 pm October 27

Well, I had that OT thread with the song - I was hoping other people would join in so it wouldn't look like just one person showing off & trying to be funny. They didn't, so I didn't post anything else. I too would really like to see fan-penned sketches.

genji at 9:20 pm October 27

I wouldn't worry about looking like you're showing off on here ;)

Sketches would be a new kind of contribution and maybe I misunderstood when you said 'Beekeeping' was like something you'd written because I thought you meant a sketch.

Here Comes Another One at 10:13 pm October 27

No, I meant the 'Historical Note.' I do write sketches, tho' - & silly poems, songs, stories. I'll try posting up something & see what you guys think.

genji: Great stuff. I've got most of them but this one is a hole in my collection. IIRC wasn't the DVD just music?

the_thina at 12:23 am October 26

I have a box, 2 dvds with 2 shows on each of them. and its both music and skits

genji at 2:37 am October 26

OK, thanks - I'll try to track it down...

the_thina at 2:48 am October 26

well, since my friend who gave it to me last christmas could find it in belgium of all places Im sure it can be found in UK. it is released by just entertainment, it has an web-adress not sure what language that is in, but maybe you can find an english version

the_thina at 12:24 am October 26

3 dvds I ment

genji at 12:16 pm October 28

I've seen this before. I remember buzzing of Sting's solo performance of 'Message In A Bottle'. Of course, I've seen him do it a hundred times since and it's not as spectacular now, but it's still a good show.

Shooting someone with a pistol to end a sketch. Always reliable.

genji at 12:45 pm October 28


Heckler: I thought you were dead.
Donovan: Not. Yet.

gruggywoof at 2:24 pm October 28

Ha! I love Donovan, good to know he has a sense of humour...

genji at 12:57 pm October 28

Bob Geldof: Pretentious? Moi?

the_thina: this is AMAZING! loved them! now I dont remember wich one of all the policemans balls adrian edmondson was in (gotta have another look at my dvds soon) and his name is not on the top picture, but if you find some pics of him in the book I for one would love to see them. and in case you dont know who he is, he was michelangelo in one version. much more agressive than eric ever was. ^^

the_thina at 12:13 am October 26

gruggywoof at 4:42 am October 26

I was certain that Adrian was in this one, too, but it appears he's not. A shame... are you a fan of his? I grew up watching "The Young Ones"!

the_thina at 5:26 pm October 27

oh yes, a big fan of his. the young ones came to sweden when I was about 3 or 4, and have loved both him and rik ever since. :)

gruggywoof: Apologies for the size of this thread, I didn't realize they were so bleedin' BIG!