'Secrets': what do you think?

I can't find any posts about this so I thought I'd start one! Has anyone watched 'Secrets,' that Palin/Jones play that's on the Ripping Yarns special features? It's the one about chocolates and cannibalism. I think it's awesome - not Pythonesque comedy, but that doesn't matter; it's compelling and thought-provoking and of course, very funny in places. Especially the bit with the tea lady!

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genji: I have it now. Haven't watched yet (hopefully tomorrow).

Tanya_Birklid19: Hhhmmm. . . cannibalism. . . well, I do have the Complete Ripping Yarns, but it doesn't have 'Secrets' on it. Unless it's a false advertisement and it IS on it.

Here Comes Another One at 1:11 am October 02

I guess all the versions of the DVD might not be the same. What special features does your version have?

Tanya_Birklid19 at 6:05 pm October 02

well, there's the usual commentaries and laugh track free audio. Then there's the Comic Roots: Michael Palin, MP's original scripts, deleted scene, restoration clip . . . I'm guessing it's completely different then.

arkennedy at 6:10 pm October 02

MY copy of Ripping Yarns has the same features. I wonder, do the extra features you get on the dvd depend on what country your in?

Here Comes Another One at 9:25 pm October 02

I've got all that, + Secrets. How odd! I've been doing a bit of research as a matter of fact, and it seems that the U.S. version doesn't have Secrets on it. I might try and post it - but I've only just joined this site and I'm not sure about being able to post up a whole thing.

arkennedy at 9:36 pm October 02

I'd love to see it if you can post it.

Perhaps this will help:

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Here Comes Another One at 10:13 pm October 02

Thanks arkennedy. I'll have a go. A quick question though: can you post videos on this site if you don't have Mashcast? Being a Mac user I can't get it, and the one clip I tried to post hasn't worked, it's said 'processing' for a few days now.

arkennedy at 10:37 pm October 02

You're welcome.

Yes you can post videos without mashcast. You can either upload them from a file on your computer or embed them from another website.

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I'm not sure why the video you already tried to post didn't work. It sounds like a glitch to me. Hanri: http://pythonline.com/users/hanri and ScottP: http://pythonline.com/users/scottp are two of the administrators of this site and are both good at helping people with things like this so maybe they can help figure out why your video didn't post.

Here Comes Another One at 5:34 am October 03

Thanks - Hanri already said the video would come up eventually so I guess I'll wait a bit more and then seek help! Either way: Secrets coming soon to a post near you!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 7:39 am October 03

please post them soon!

mrsCutout: i had no idea htat there was such a thing! Then again I haven't got Ripping Yarns...But i've watched it on youtube...let me check.Sounds fascinating!

Here Comes Another One at 1:10 am October 02

The original one isn't on YouTube. There is an '80s remake called 'Consuming Passions' that's based on 'Secrets' - I haven't watched it yet though so I don't know how good/bad it is.

mrsCutout at 3:58 pm October 02

Oh i saw that! So it's a remake?I watched it all trying to find Jonesy and Mike! Haha

Here Comes Another One at 9:27 pm October 02

They're not in 'Secrets' either. Slightly disappointing, but it doesn't really detract. There are bits of it where you can just imagine which Pythons would have played which characters, and that amuses me.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Oh this sounds very intriguing. I'd love to watch it :)
Chocolates and Cannibalism are my thing, you see... aheheh... heh... *looks around suspiciously*

genji: Hello.

How bizarre. I wasn't even aware of it until this morning when I noticed it on Terry Jones's wikipedia page. And now you post this.

Sounds like I shall have to try to get hold of it.

Here Comes Another One at 8:20 am October 01

Oh, definitely do. It's a really dodgy recording because the BBC didn't keep it and the only version they had was one someone had taped on an early domestic VCR. But it's worth the odd waggle ... though Joseph Montgolfier might not agree :-p