See Vanity Fair picture video shtootage

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TheSister91: wow!! great pics!! ps I could never stand up to take off/wear my pants or jeans!!!

thewastelandr: These are a great set of pictures!

Lady April: Caught Michael with his pants down - AGAIN! What is up with that mans pants down eh?
Hey, not that I am complaining but dyaam! Hottest Senior citizen to walk this Earth!

The Ex-Leper: cutest old men in the whole world!

MontyMaria: Wooow! Awesome! :D

marga: ooh! mike without trousers! :D

Lady April at 1:44 pm October 31

Ooohhh don't I know it love????? Ahhhh great leggs!

Lady April: Awww what a cute vid!!! Good article too :-)