Several pictures of Terry playing the piano

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mrsCutout: oh good old terry !that was so silly..a naked man playing the piano! lol and i just always loved his hair!haha sexy terry

Paute: Nice chair :P

the_thina: well, pianos AND organs... or how its spelled. :P


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Johnnyrose at 1:33 am January 14


Lady April: Look at that butt! =D

Lady and Laird Candermine:

Who knew that once you got them all together.... there were so many... thanks for the giggles...

Paute: Sometimes I would be a piano

WackyQueen: Cute has never been this cute.

thewastelandr: Yay! Great post, Johnny! Love his bottom.

Holly at 4:48 pm January 22

it's so perfectly round, I just want to give it a quick smack