Shangri-La Sing-Along

A collaboration between 4 mashers from both sides of the Atlantic, bringing you the Neil Innes experience. It's finally ready!

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the_thina: hahaha, I love this! :D of course shangi-la MUST be a beautiful place with lots of python-related things going on, like gilliam-animations running around! :D

Hanri at 11:52 pm May 24

Everybody put so much effort in this, I love how it turned out. I thrilled you love it too! :D

Lvndr HppE: That was really good.

Hanri at 11:59 am May 17

I'm happy you like it. :) This is hugely what MashCast is all about, making awesome things together with people all over the world and having FUN with it!

French Taunter: Nice Video!^^ Very nice song too (makes me think of a Beatles song mixed with a python song! ^^lol) Congratulations guys!^^

Hanri at 7:43 am May 14

I think the Rutles had a go on Shangri-La during their Archaeology phase..... Deliberately some Beatle-like parts in the animation too. Thank you, FT!

mrsCutout: It's awesom!!!!!!! I love this song!

Hanri at 7:41 am May 14

The song is really one of my all time Innes favorites, glad you like the result. :) Any chance of seeing you mashing one of these days? ;)

mrsCutout at 5:13 am May 18

I have exams now!!! Final to go to uni!!! But they end next Monday!!!!! And then I am going to return here and to mashcast!!!!! I am done with school for good!! I always wanted to learn how to mash better!!!

Hanri at 10:04 am May 18

Well that is a grand motivator to finish the exams with top scores - getting all that time free just for mashing! ;D I'll be happy to give some tips online before I start my camp season at work and you get finished with your school.

Wasara: Great Job!!!

Hanri at 7:40 am May 14

See? I actually CAN finish something. ;) With a little help at least.

crzyltvn: Oooo! Love it. :)

Note: MC won't play in Google Chrome. Don't know if this is a known issue but if not..then it is now. Or, it's just me.

Hanri at 11:54 pm May 13

Loved doing it with all you guys, gotta do stuff like this again with y'all!

Well it doesn't work good on SRWareIron, and I'm not too sure if PythOnline in general works on all browsers. But these are just the things we need to get used to for now. I have to switch browsers between different internet tv channels as well, so it's no biggy for me, but good of you to point it out since more and more peeps are using GC.

crzyltvn at 10:33 am May 14

I'd be more than happy to participate in a collaboration again sometime.

Hanri at 10:52 am May 14

I will hold you on to that! :D Time flies when you're having so much fun.

arkennedy: It looks great :)

Hanri at 9:19 am May 13

Really the randomness comes out. ;) It was super fun to do this, even if it took around two years to evolve from an idea to a 3,5 minute animation. Thanks for being part of it!

arkennedy at 10:18 am May 13

You're welcome :) Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it :)