the sign that is the sign!

today I got my double-dvd of life of brian.
someone in here said I was gonna love it and oh how right you were! :D I especially enjoyed the deleted scenes, otto really cracks me up (oh my cock!), and the person (think it was john) doing sort of a dance-version of silly walks. XD I have heard the record-version of otto, but never seen it so that was wonderful.
and the script-reading!
and the comentary-tracks! (poor gray had to put a rubberband on his penis so he would look jewish... guess that was jones idea as a perfectionist director, but I never noticed! dont think anyone else would notice or care if he had forskin or not, and it sounds terrible painful)
the documentary I enjoyed too, even if I knew all what was beeing said in it before.
YAY! kick ass dvd! :D

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kissmyarrrtichoke: I've got it on bluray and it's amazing. The film and the picture quality.

eMMI: I was just thinking yesterday that I should watch LOB again. :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed it. it is good stuff, for sure. :D

mrsCutout: Oh good for you dear! I was about to by it a month ago when i found it on a store but i already have the simple version and i 've seen the deleted scenes on youtube..hawever i have regreted it a lot!!