silly boy

a screen-cap from the trailer of jabberwocky I had to make (since its not in the movie I imagine quite a few of you have never had the chanse to giggle over it)
nothing much to say really, just had to show it. that cute, silly and crazy man:)

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Holly: I just bought that movie, but I haven't had time to watch it yet.

the_thina at 9:32 am April 14

oh, Im sure you will love it. I did. especially the king cracks me up. loooove him! no idea who the actor is, but he was great, such a cute and confused old man. :)

Holly at 9:39 am April 14

I remember watching it in high school, but I only remember a fat lady eating potatoes. was that from this movie?

the_thina at 9:42 am April 14

hahaha. yeah, griselda who mike/dennis has a huge cruch on.

Holly at 9:44 am April 14

then its settled, i'll watch that & Erik the Viking this weekend!

the_thina at 9:50 am April 14

yay! they are both great. erik viking makes me all warm inside, since I always have loved the storys about our old gods before we were turned into christians. :)

Holly at 7:08 am April 16

I watched Eric the Viking the other day & I loved it! I must have seen it before when I was a kid b/c it was so familiar!

the_thina at 9:05 am April 16

oh yeah? I dont remember ever seeing it as a kid. at all. even if I would have loved it

the_thina at 9:50 am April 14

(and with "our old gods" I mean the viking gods, nordic mythology)

Holly at 7:06 am April 16

the best kind of mythology

the_thina at 9:07 am April 16

yeah I know. amazing stories. I wish I had a book with them all. like a vikings version of a "bible" but dont know if there ever were written any

Holly at 5:52 pm April 16

ooh, that would be awesome. I'd buy it

the_thina at 9:29 pm April 16

yeah. I know at least here in sweden we have some history-expert that has written a few books on the subject, but dont know if they are the _storys_ or just facts like in some boring school-book

upperclasstwit: Part disturbing, Part comedic = ART!!! Perfect cap for Gillum, very nice!!

the_thina at 5:00 am April 14

but partly disturbing and partly comical is a perfekt description for most things that man do, so.... haha

the_thina at 5:01 am April 14

perfeCt... wrote it in swedish. haha

flopsy_mrs: it is but a flesh wound :p ncie pic though

TheSister91: ahahhahahhahahahhaah

Lvndr HppE: And if you drink slim quick, you can look like me!

thewastelandr at 4:12 pm April 10


sit-on-my-face: Thank you very much indeed, it is very pleasant to watch!! I rather enjoy their sort of cheapy-kind-of-low-budget-kind-of-violence. makes me smile!

the_thina at 3:03 pm April 10

YES! I love old kind of special-effects. even if you can tell how they are made (like in this case he is buerried from neck and down) it has a charm to it that no computor-made effect can have. it feels so much more genuine and... fleshy.
maybe Im showing my age saying this, but it is how I feel

mrsCutout at 3:24 pm April 10

hahah same here! I love that and look at gilly's face he looks so happy with his body! XD

the_thina at 3:37 pm April 10

haha yep. a second after this cap he looks down at the body with a big crazy smile on his face. tried to get a cap of that too, but it was over so fast it was impossible. :/