Silly Walk Tattoo

If I'm going to have something permanently on my body I might as well like it. I had this terrible blurry bumble bee that I got for my ex-husband about 10 years ago(b/c he really really wanted me too & I was stupid & young & wanted him to like me more) So, now I have something that makes me laugh.

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MontyPython93: That's so COOL!!! :D

Holly at 9:13 am April 14

thank you kindly

Holly at 9:13 am April 14

thank you kindly

Lady and Laird Candermine: WOW... Holly... that's really well done!!! They did a great job... thanks for sharing it.. you brave one you...!!! :)

Holly at 9:12 am April 14

Thank you! it definitely makes for interesting conversations.

Mrs Premise: :O awesome!!!!!!
I'm planning on getting a python related tattoo on my ankle when I ship off to uni this year (and a Beatles related one on the opposing ankle)

Dunno what yet....decisions decisions...

Holly at 9:26 am March 24

ooh, when you decide I'd like to see it :)

kermit: LOL! That is so cool!

Holly at 7:08 pm March 23

Thanks :) its starting to itch like hell though

the_thina at 6:50 am April 14

a tip when I got a new tattoo that itches... I take a rubberband and put it around my wrist. when I feel I got to itch the tattoo I snap the rubberband. then you get distracted from the itching. haha. but now its probobly healed and stoped toitch, but for the next one. haha

Holly at 9:13 am April 14

that's a good idea, I was slapping it.

the_thina at 9:36 am April 14

that never helps for me.just makes it itch worse

Holly at 9:37 am April 14

& it makes people stare if you're out in public slapping your shoulder

the_thina at 9:40 am April 14

hahaha. you should finich it off with some silly walking! but I dont mind pepole stairing and thinking Im weird. if it has made their small lifes more interesting for a few seconds so why not. haha

Holly at 9:43 am April 14

that's a good way to think about it. I'm so insecure, but now that I've lost 30lbs I find myself wearing a little more revealing clothes. There's a man I like & I want him to my boobs

the_thina at 9:47 am April 14

yeah, as an old punkrocker with a load of piercings and at the moment black hair with white bangs... Im used to pepole stairing.
and real life pepperpots always come up to me and ask about the piercings, and I think they are so cute! little old ladys ftw!
and good luck with the boob-stairing! haha

Holly at 7:04 am April 16

Old yes, well older...I really like older men for some reason, I think he's around 45, that makes him about 15 years younger then my 2nd boy friend & 5 years older then my 3rd. & the true! when I go bowling they all want to see my tattoo. (I caught him looking a few times last night)

the_thina at 9:30 am April 16

well, we are the same age, right? and I dont think 45 is old at all. my best friend is 45, but when we hang out I dont even think about it unless her son shows up (he is 7 years younger than me) I have friends that are 15 and friends that are 60. I dont age-discriminate when it comes to lovers either, even if I have a ower limit at 20 years old. but no upper limit really. but for some reasons its in 90% of the cases teenagers that fall in love with me, and Im sick and tired of that.

Holly at 2:53 pm April 16

I'd be sick & tired of teenagers too, but it's weird, I've always got older men hitting on me, & least they know what do do w/ if it I took them up on an offer (well the 50+ guy I dated about 5 years ago did, but the 40 year old was selfish & only knew how to please himself)

Holly at 9:38 am April 14

I just tell them I like to be hit.

Lvndr HppE at 7:47 am April 14

I'll remember that when I get a peace sign tattoo on my ankle.

the_thina at 8:14 am April 14

yeah. it works for me anyway

upperclasstwit: I have a tattoo covered and I agree about it being something you like!!! The tattoo artist did a great job!! Its awesome...

Paute at 8:27 am March 20

Uppload the picture!

upperclasstwit at 5:05 pm March 20

You rock!!!

upperclasstwit at 8:22 am March 20

I had!! Damn, My avatar is fitting.. I'm having a hard time with posting on here...

Holly at 7:00 pm March 21

I can't wait to see it

arkennedy at 9:18 am March 20

That sometimes happens to the rest of us too. If your image isn't in the right file type it wont post. I can't remember all the file types that work on this site but you'll have the best luck with PNG, JPEG, and GIF. You can pretty much use any image editor (even Microsoft paint) to change the file type. All you have to do is open the image in the image editor click on save as and then save it as one of the file types listed above.

However, if you use Microsoft paint to change the file type of your image I recommend either PNG or JPEG because you'll lose some of the color with GIF. (So far that hasn't been a problem with other image editors in my experience though.

Another possible cause of the image not posting is that the file name may have some symbols or characters in it that for some reason keep the image from uploading onto this site. I had an image that wouldn't post once because it had plus signs + in the file name. If that's the case all you have to do is rename the file and remove anything that isn't a letter or a number.


Well isn´t a tattoo but... I wanna this watch!
Of course it´s a great idea!!

Holly at 3:53 pm March 19

I love that watch! but.....b/c I'm weird & a bit O.C.D......I can't stand ticking. It would drive me nuts! I can hear it when it's on my wrist.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Brilliant! Good for you, girl ;)

Holly at 9:34 am March 19

Thank You :) I can't wait to get another one!

BroMaynardG: My 19 yo daughter has to get a "Ralphie" removed. Plus at her new job (no tattoos), she pays out the ying yang for body makeup. She is an "Hooters" Girl. (Plus she's still in college!)

Holly at 7:11 pm March 18

Ralphie from Christmas Story?

the_thina: it came out awsome! show new pics once its healed

Holly at 11:04 am March 18

will do! I'm already trying to think of something else to cover up the one I don't like on my ankle.

thewastelandr at 11:31 am March 18

You should do a phrase or something you really like... such as the much overdone but still enjoyable "always look on the bright side of life" or something along those lines. If you're really daring, you could get the naked pianist... ohhhh Terry!

Holly at 3:28 pm March 18

I was thinking maybe Graham & Terry leaning on the fence in the sheep sketch, or maybe John & Mike dressed like the french men in front of the sheep aircraft example.

thewastelandr at 4:06 pm March 18

YES that would be awesome! The Frenchmen!

Holly at 6:45 pm March 18

that's the one I was leaning for :) I hope he'll be able to use it to do the next cover up, the one on my ankle now is like a giant pastel purple blob.

thewastelandr at 7:55 pm March 18

A purple blob! Love it! Well the Frenchmen would be really cool. Do you have a photo yet?

Holly at 9:33 am March 19

The blob was supposed to be an outer space scene. I'm going to screen cap my favorite shots & ask him if he can wrap them around my ankle kind of like a comic strip. Each box w/ a different screen cap.

thewastelandr at 7:55 pm March 18

(I mean the photo you'd want to use)

thewastelandr: I LOVE IT!

Fettle: OMG!! I love it, well done you!!

Lvndr HppE: Good choice.