Sillywalks for Hunger

Attention All Troops! 'Tis straight from

In honor of Monty Python’s 40th Anniversary and because the holiday season is about giving,
We're silly walking for hunger, because hunger isn't silly...

November 19th – Check-in begins at 5:30pm

Sillywalks begins promptly at 7:00pm At Universal CityWalk

The mission of Sillywalks for Hunger is to collect food, and use text message donations to drive 1 million meals for families and children in need this holiday season.

Sillywalks for hunger will be an unprecedented live choreographed event that will transform Universal CityWalk into a scene right out of Monty Python, while setting the record for the most people to silly walk in one place at one time.

Bring your family, friends, as much non-perishable food as you can, and join Comedian Jon Lovitz, as CityWalk becomes a stage where everyone will be part of this visual, musical extravaganza! Wear your favorite Monty Python-themed costume—or silly walking garb. Register now and become a participant in this huge, multimedia event to be broadcast worldwide across Television, Radio and the Internet. At this production you will become part of the show as celebrity choreographers, Rich + Tone, teach you a fun, easy, silly step anyone can do. Help out and become part of silly walking history!

Yes, it’s free, but space is limited – only 750 registered Silly Walkers will be admitted. Sign up today and plan to bring food for those in need! Need some silly inspiration? Check out the comedy sketch that got it all started, The Ministry of Silly Walks sketch at

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TheSister91: aww.. damned me I missed it!! couldn't go anyway! I'm in Europe...

The Ex-Leper: I saw this and it made my day...I wish I could go...I silly walk everywhere

Hanri: People good people! Answers to most of the asked questions can be found behind the link I posted:

pythonnewbie: oooh that sounds amazing-n totally for a good cause!:) Sad it's too far away from me*sighs*I reckon we ought to silly-walk through London...

CamelSpotter: Wow, what an incredible event! Hope somebody from PO can get there!
(*cough* Katie *cough*)

Lemming_Of_The_BDA: It's in Hollywood everyone. Am I right? (I'm assuming due to the KLOS sponsor)
Meaning if you can get there you can participate.
I'm gonna see if I can get a ride. Sounds like WAY too much fun and it's for a good cause.

Lady April at 5:32 pm November 10

1,800 miles from me... dam! Would love to meet me Lemm-O :-) I have a book for you on teeth.

mrsCutout: I'm sorry but i'd like to get something straight can people from all countrtys participate?

Johnnyrose at 3:27 pm November 10

... good question...

mrsCutout at 3:31 pm November 10

yes! I think we can participate only through "go small" or i've got it wrong? I'd like to register but ....well but!

the_thina: remember my first language is swedish and my english is far from perfect, but I still feel.. should it not be "silly walks AGAINST hunger"? if it is for its saying yay for hungry pepole if it says against its saying stop hunger?
Im sorry but I cant help myself from pointing out stuff like that...

Lady April: I don't know where Universal City Walk is located.

Hanri at 1:21 pm November 10

Go to and follow the links, they also have instructions how to get there and how to sign in for the Walk.

Johnnyrose at 2:00 pm November 10 Universal City Walk a... real place??
I read but didn't get the idea... I'm quite blond, today...