singing about python, aaaaaaw. ^^

ok, Im being bored now, so on popular demand Im uploading more music by this man I have had in my heart since I was a teenager and punkrock rebel.
pretty boring slideshows, but there is hardly any of his solo-stuff and his lesser known bands on youtube so pepole have asked me to put something together on the best songs.

ANYHOW, why do I say this in here, were no one (or a few but absolutley not the big majority)even understand the language. yes, in one of the songs I just uploaded he sings about monty python (and he also mentioned both them and fawly towers in the book he wrote a few years back) :) listen closely and I think you hear it.
it goes "python, de e monty python, det är ett skämt att så pass många inte tänker längre än näsan räcker" witch translates to "python, its monty python. its a joke that so many dont think longer than there nose is" and that alone may sound very strange, I know, but here when something is fucked up or just completely bizar we say that its python (or pyton as its spelled here) and he has always been one for the word-playing... and a person who dont think longer than his nose is means someone who just thinks about himself, and in a very stupid way at that.

this song is about the trend of neu-nazis that pop up every 10th year or so in this countrey, I uploaded it right now because now we have a political party here, they dont come out and say that they are nazis, but to anyone who pay attention to what is going on under all their nice words about "this is whats best for all of us, think of your children blabla" and all that its pretty obvious.

and now Im just going on and on, I know, but just thought someone may find this interesting. there are more reasons than his good music and his great intelligence I adore and love this man, he has a great sense of humor and is a python-fan as well. ^^

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mrsCutout: love the trousers btw!

mrsCutout: HAhaha lol yeah I saw that on fb! :)

the_thina at 8:34 am July 04

yes, I know you did. ^^ but he is so sweet. he has a song that he proudly calls "my rutles-song" too btw. :) he is a hardcore beatles-fan, and apparantly rutles-fan as well. haha

the_thina at 8:49 am July 04

maybe I should post the link to his beatles/rutles-song as well.... getting tired now

thewastelandr: All I have to say is... what kind of pants is he wearing??????

the_thina at 9:44 pm July 03

last time I saw him live he proudly declaired them to be giraf-pants. he explained to us that giraf-print is way cooler than lepoard-print. would not be supriced if he had sown them himself. he is like that. :)

thewastelandr at 8:56 am July 04