Sketch Poll

Which of these sketches is best?
1) The Penguin On the Telly
2) Marriage Guidance Counselor
3) Cheese Shop
4) The Dead Parrot
5) Self Defense Against Fruit

Here are links to all of them:

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Either the first or last one for me.
"Pointed sticks?" or "Intercourse the penguin."? XD

mrsCutout at 3:59 pm August 09

Hehehe it's a fair cop! Dilemma!

Lvndr HppE: I'm gonna go with Alainainthesky on this one. Self Defense Against Fruit.

Alainainthesky: Hard one! I'll pick Self-Defense Against Fruit. But they're all hilarious, so it's hard t choose.

the_thina: penguin on the telly. no doubt

Mrs Conclusion: Love them all, but my personal favourite of the five you listed is Penguin on the telly! x

mo: Cheese Shop is one of my fav ever Python sketches but Penguin is not far behind.

arkennedy: Out the the ones you listed, there all great sketches.

Of those I think the best is either Cheese Shop or The Dead Parrot or Self Defense Against Fruit.

Hmm, I guess I can't decide either :)

mrsCutout: Ugh!That's not fair!Its too hard to choose! hmmmmm maby the penguin.And then n.2

mrsCutout at 12:50 pm August 03

BURMA!!!!!! sorry I paniced!

Hanri: My favorite is no.1, the larch. NO! I mean the penguin!

Though you left out the Cabbage Crates. Coming over the briny, I mean. :)