So I was bored one day. . .

actually it was more like yesterday. My specs that I have reminded me of Gumbys and one day I went to Alco to find some white hankercheifs. Well, lo and behold, I found some! So yesterday, I got my suspenders, rubber boots, a white button up shirt, glasses, hankercheif, mustache, and got silly. Sadly, I did not have a sweater vest, but it works, mate! I'd like to see. . . . . if anybody. . . has. . . a pic-ture. . .of. . . them-selves as. . .a. . GUMBY!

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Lvndr HppE: Not of myself, but I have a picture of Gumby as a gumby. Does anyone here remember Gumby?

Jatta: You make a bwilliant Gumby! :) Lovely!

Monty Petra: Hahaha, you make a great gumby.

Hanri: Oh Tanya, Tanya, Tanya..... These Gumby pics are just Fan-Tastic!

The Python Army HQ wishes to see more Gumby's in the wild! Go snap pics and show proof they still walk the Earth!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 11:15 am January 14

Yes sah, I'll be best, sah!

Lancaster Bomber: It makes me so happy that other people are doing this. You look brill Great photos.
! have photos of me as Gumby taken all over the world when I have been on holidays - very embarrassing for my wife but she homours me. Python fans have found me just through my gumby pic on Facebook.
Tip - tuck your hair up at the back and find a knitted cardigan !!

Lady and Laird Candermine: We are gigglin' at your GUMBY... You look great! Thanks for the smile!!! And thanks for your kind words. We are very smitten that you like it! Salute! The one in the tube is to our fav. :)

thewastelandr: Let's get a mass movement of people worldwide to dress up like gumby's next Halloween!

TheSister91: muahauahamuahuamauhuauaahauhauhumumahuahua!!

flopsy_mrs: hahahahaha i have some of that kind of photo's to :) but you're are much more better :) mrs gumby xd

Lancaster Bomber at 12:34 pm December 12

r u too shy to put your gumby photo on ? It's a good one !

mrsCutout: SO COOL!!!!!! I'll try it too!


I might go ahead with a strange strange version of Gumby, mainly 'cause my rubber boots are RED. A red Gumby, hmm..... ;)

But these awe bwilliant! You make the Awmy pwoud! :D

the_thina: sadly I dont have the chlotings you need to be a gumby. not even rubber boots. but I am gonna go gumby one day. :D