This is so Poltically Incorrect it's a riot!!!

What a crazy gameshow. I love it!

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Oh yeah! I love that sketch.
'Miserable Fat Belgian B*****ds' and 'Shot the Puff'!
Hahaha! They most definately would not show that on TV now :D

kisch at 1:31 pm November 03

I always wanted to show this sketch to my Belgian boss, but he's a lovely bloke and I think he won't be able to appreciate the humor LOL

flopsy_mrs at 11:00 am November 23

just to say tere are belgians who apriciate that kind of humor :)lol :) :p

flopsy_mrs at 10:59 am November 23

you have a belgian boss :o ( i'm so stunned cause i'm belgian you know :) )

Lady April: I can barely see the pic. Is that the 'Prejudice' sketch?

housepet1 at 1:21 pm November 03

yea, it's from season 4, I think, where Mike is a prejudice game show host.

Lady April at 1:22 pm November 23

yes, I know I just couldn't tell A. cause I am a fuc*ing retard and B. cause the pic is sooo small.

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