So wanna go...

... don't you?

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Non-materialistic lounge suite: Hello everyone!

I registered here last year with excitement, but immediately after I doubted the relevance of this senseless waste of human life... Anyway! I now have a valid reason to communicate with you all, that is a spare ticket for July 16th, anyone interested? My sister can't come with me anymore, I'm looking for anyone daring to sit next to a 21-year-old French girl (that's me), I promise I won't taunt you (officially)=D

Paute: I really really want it. but I need a lot of money wich I dont have.
This makes me SO sad.

Brian: I must see it.....
But all the tickets have like, tripled in price because people buy them just so they can sell them for much more.

Lawliet: Really I do.

Where am I? Where have I been?

margaretthatcher: this is the worst thing i have heard. to be held off by scalpers?

goalieboy82: i hope they come to the USA.
also on the first night of the reunion, i think this is how it should start.
at 8pm, have michael or eric come out and say,
i never wanted to do a reunion anyway, i always wanted to be..... a lumberjack!
then do the lumberjack song and then at the end, play the theme song (like the show was over). Let it sink in the audience. They will be thinking is the show over, then after say 3 minutes, start the show for real.
the python's can only do this once.

honeyvaccine_: I hope they come to the U.S.

I would do anything to see them live.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I do. And I am.

Going that is. July 2nd.

dead_parrot at 4:00 pm February 12

I'm also seeing them on July 2nd!!!!
Soooooo excited!

mrsCutout: I hope they come in greece if they do the world toor. cause i missed the tickets.

Sazzz777: I am the most excited person in. The. World. It's like Christmas Eve. I cant sleep. What time does box office open??? Arg!

MontyPythonrocks18: duh but Im all the way in the USA :( hope they make it into a tour :(

Tinja: Most certainly, Sir!