So...41 years!!

And yes that's the first broadcasted episode! 41 years ago!
I'd like to sya that I thank Monty Python greatly for offering me years of fun and too much laughter! I fond out about them in hard times and it was a great help! They also helped me improve my English,learn many things like Never be rude to an Arab and many many other things including some historic knowledge like in the Middle ages people didn't have bad teeth cause they didn't know about sugar(from a Terry J's interview)! Anyway for me MP is more than just a comedy group.They changed the rout of television and they stigmatized the history of comedy! They're intelectuals that don't tak themselves seriously!They're too silly and that's why we love them!
Here's to 141 years! I missed last years events but I'll wait till the 50th anniversary! Yey!


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Paute: I put this on my Tumblr. Enjoy it!!

genji at 10:04 pm October 05

Excellent. I love that mouse organ - always makes me smile.




Not that late: I just watched the whole episode once again, I love it.

I discovered them this summer and I love the fact that everything is still funny, they don't make fun of things or people from their time or their country, you can watch it no matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, british or non-british... even if you don't know who Genghis Khan or Picasso are, you'll laugh anyway!

mrsCutout at 2:55 pm October 05

Hahah yes excactly! I mean even if you don't know who they are oyu do laugh and you are urged to look them up! So you laugh and learn as well! Just finished episode 1! Ah it's been a while!

genji: Hear, hear, Brother Mrs. Cutout.

Whatever they are or were, they're a force for good in the world and their silliness provided sense in a very silly world.

As you say - here's to 141 years!

mrsCutout at 1:57 pm October 05

Haha yes I second what you said! They're a force of gooooood!