Some Graham footage celebration

This is Comedy Map of Britain where they talk about Graham Chapman and Mount Snowdon, where his ashes are scattered.

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Mrs Premise: What?! I've climbed snowdon, I didn't even know :o

I cried and laughed at the same time watching this...

Kasmira: I actually watched this video last night and it was so emotional I cried... It was just so beautiful. Wonderful Gray. How we miss that guy.

Paute: It´s great!!
When i travel to London a take a picture in that place.
Anybody knows the address?

Johnnyrose at 3:40 pm January 31

What? The road?

Kasmira at 11:05 pm January 31
South Ealing Road, Ealing, London

There are also other remarkable Monty Python related places in those website (Monty Python tour of London). :) And Graham Chapman's Python London too :) Enjoy!

Paute at 11:23 am February 01


Kasmira at 11:42 am February 01

no problem :) I'm happy to help you!

Paute at 12:55 pm February 03

This group are great!

Paute at 4:33 pm January 31

Yes! the street climb! I wanna a picture there!

Tanya_Birklid19: Now I want to go there! Wonderful video

thewastelandr: Lovely!