Sounds Promising.

I was just offered a Monty Python Flying Circus marathon by a friend who lives out of state and wants to visit. He also offered to give me a full body massage while doing so. I told him that would be the best Python marathon ever! Then he asked if I would be more interested in Monty Python then the massage. "Priorities!" I told him. Then I told him he could massage my Silly Walk tattoo. Muhahahaha.

As for the pic of the coffee mug, I just really want it.

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TheBlancmange: That mug is AWESOME!! I want one!

A. Lupin: awesome, I'm so jealous! That mug is really nice too btw.

mrsCutout: HaHA WOW this seems amazing! Ah I hope you have a great time !!!!

Holly at 7:56 am August 15

If he comes to visit me in FL I'm pretty sure I'll take advantage of the offer.

thewastelandr: Wow!!! I hope this guy is good looking! Have fun, Holly! :)

Holly at 7:54 am August 15

he kind of looks like a mixture of a very young Tom Berenger and Michael Weatherly (DiNozzo from N.C.I.S.)

thewastelandr at 6:02 am August 18


the_thina: Im not a fan of massages, since I have a problem with people touching my body (if they are not sexual partners that is) even if my own brother is a licenced massaur (is it spelled like that?) I wont let him do it

Holly at 7:52 am August 15

I'm okay with massages...but don't poke me! It really really hurts me to be poked for some reason. If you were to just walk up and poke me in the are (not even with much force) it would feel worse then if you had punched me for a few minutes.

the_thina at 1:12 pm August 18

hmmmm. sounds a bit odd. but I promise to never poke you then! :)

Holly at 9:22 pm September 09

ok, then I promise never to touch your body :)

TheBlancmange at 12:13 pm August 18

I'm seriously ticklish (even on my back) so if someone tries to give me a massage I just can't stop squirming!!

the_thina at 1:14 pm August 18

yes, Im very tickelish as well. and its a pain in the ass. some people just dont understand that its like torture and just keep tickeling you. I hate that!

Lvndr HppE: Wow, Holly. A Monty Python marathon and a full body massage? Can I visit you? :-P

Holly at 7:10 am August 14're more then welcome to visit, it would be nice to actually watch it with someone for a change....but I don't know how I'd feel about the massage :)

Lvndr HppE at 4:59 pm August 14

lol. Okay, then. I'll just bring the popcorn.

Holly at 7:49 am August 15


mo: You gotta go for it,Holly.:)