the spam museum

I have uploaded it now so you can see for yourselfs.

also uploaded bruce dickinson singing the intro-song and talking about his relation to python, or rather a quote:

and the bit with elvis loving holy grail:

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thewastelandr: My dad's training office is close to there in Minnesota.

mrsCutout: Hahaha this is so cool! That would be an interesting place to visit!

TheRealGilliamFan: OMG lol, I have to make a trip to the Spam Museum hahahaaa! Thanks for posting this :)

the_thina at 1:25 am August 30

hahaha. well, Im a devoted vegetarian, so I stay clear of that museum I think. hahaha. and besides, Im probobly never gonna visit USA anyway

TheRealGilliamFan at 11:48 am August 30

I've never eaten spam. I actually always wondered if there was any actual meat in it at all. But I can't believe there's a whole museum. That's hilarious.

the_thina at 12:25 pm August 30

Something Posing As Meat. ^^
but I doubt I would eat it even if I had the chanse and was a meat-eater. it seems very grose