SPAMALOT in my mailbox!

I got home yesterday to find an envelope from one of my friends. This friend has been a friend of mine since we were 5. She, our friend Kelli, aand myself are three of the biggest Python- nuts. I open the envelope to find a ticket for May 16th, 2011... SPAMALOT!!! Ah! I'm so excited and ccan't wait to see it! There's really no point to this post but, I thought the other users on this site would appreciate my enthusiasm. Anyone who's seen it, tell me what you think and what to look out for or something. Thanks and again, AH!!!!

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kisch: You'll have a GREAT time!!! I have seen it in London in 2008, it was WONDREFUL! I would go again and again if I could.
It deserves every bit of praise it has got.

Lvndr HppE: You're gonna have a great time! I got to see it just before it closed on Broadway. There wasn't one minute that the entire audience wasn't laughing.

l_wojcik at 9:59 am January 28

Awesome! That's one thing that I'm hoping for other than the actual show. I hope I'm thereon the night when they have a really good audience.