Still haven't heard back

I wrote to the Pythons that I could get the addresses to (everyone except Terry Jones) back in January and still haven't heard back. I gave them my life story and how they have saved my life, then I requested an autograph. The letter was handwritten as well since I feel that's more personal. I may just rewrite them...I don't know...


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Fettle: The boys have always replied to me....just keep trying! :-)

WolfSpirit at 11:11 pm December 22

I wrote Eric the beginning of November... in fact I'm pretty sure I sent it November 9th...
Given Veteran's day, and the address being in California I estimate the letter arriving around November 18th-20th..
It wasn't much... but i do believe I asked for an autograph... though did NOT send a prestamped envelope. (He's bloody rich he can afford a 42 cent stamp... I don't need a huge envelope and even that would be less then a buck)
I sent it to the top address of though since that's not been updated in about 2 years i dunno if that address is even active or not.

So needless to say I've given up with hoping for a reply. lol I'm pessimistic.. and if you give up hope then you can't be disappointed... and if it turns out things are good the happiness will be even more.

I might send something to Mike one of these days after I figure out what to say... again... won't send an envelope... he's rich and can afford a few pounds for international shipping. I'm poor and can't even afford to eat out yet I am finding the money to send it.

lol meh... whatever

the_thina at 1:09 am December 23

as someone has told me in here, eric can take anything froma week to a year to hear back from. :P
but mike is quicker Ive heard.

WolfSpirit at 9:57 pm December 23

Yea... I heard that to. But I don't have that kinda patience lol

the_thina at 2:34 am December 21

all of them? I have written to eric, mike and gilliam (my top 3 of the ones still alive, was gray alive gilliam had to take one step back)
nothing yet, but havent given up hope about it

Fettle at 4:28 am December 21

Well I havent heard back from Graham!! Lol. But I did pay £275 for his signature...I have however heard back from all the others...

the_thina at 5:05 am December 21

oh I remember when you bought those. cant you leave them in your testament for me? then I will just arange a little accide... eeeh... hrm. hehe
but that is so cool! now I got my hopes up a bit

Stig: Palin is good to write a letter to, and possibly Jones but somehow I don't think the others would really care. Anyway keep tryin.

Kasmira at 10:46 am December 17

Now I have a feeling I must write a letter to Jonesy or Mike. Or to their both! This is my promise of the year 2010 :)

Kasmira at 12:18 pm December 17

Could somebody be really nice and tell me addresses of Michael Palin/Terry Jones? ^ , ^I

Lady April at 9:39 am December 17


Lady and Laird Candermine: Good luck with getting a reply~ Wow, I didn't even know they wrote folks back at all... I think that is wonderful if they do... so proud... so proud...

Lady April: At least on Michaels part it is strange that you have written and have got no reply yet. His average reply time is 3 weeks to a month internationally.

Palins passepartout: I wrote to michael in July and that was a handwritten one too. I received a response a couple of weeks later but it was from the office with a nice signed photo of Michael. It was better than no response at all. I expect he is too busy to reply to everyone personally. If I were you I'd try again. The address I used was Tavistock Street. If you want it I'll post it here for you.

themontyfreak at 12:05 pm December 15

I used that address and I have gotten a response before, as far as I know Michael (or his secretary) responds to everyone.

Johnnyrose at 1:13 pm December 15

don't give up, girl, try again, send another saying that it's the second time you write. Go on, off you go!

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