stop lennons murderer of getting parol!

ok, this has nothing to do with python, but I know python-fans tend to be beatles-fans as well, so I post it here.

apparently the man who shot john lennon is up for parol. I highly doubt it will happen, BUT you can write directly to the parol-board trough a form I got told about.
here is the link:
you have to fill in something called din-number, and that is 81A3860.
his name is mark david chapman (oh the irony of the last name)
you dont have to live in the US to do this, just choose "other" under state.
and leave a short message, since it apparently can be used both for saying someone whould stay in prison as well as get let out.

I think he should be locked up for the rest of his misserable life, since
A) yoko and johns 2 kids are still alive, imagine how they must feel with him on the loose
B) its a high risk someone would kill him out of love for john, witch goes against everything john stood for.

EDIT:parol-hearing is apparently on august 9th, so until then, go for it!

this might be seen as spam, but its not ment as that, and I think hanri know me well enough to know I dont approve of spammers in here. as I said, I post it here since I know many python-fans are beatles-fans, and I dont want that waste of skin to get let out!

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Lvndr HppE: My, is he up for parole again? It feels like he was up for parole not too long ago. He's been in jail nearly 30 years. What on earth could he do outside? Did anyone here see the Shawshank Redemption?

mrsCutout at 3:49 pm July 30

I can't agree more with you here!I mean come on the guy Killed him!What sort of miserable life will he live?

the_thina at 12:12 pm July 30

yeah, I think its the 6th time he trys to get out now... I feel so extremely sorry for yoko and the kids. every 2 years they have to deal with this. :(

Hanri: As you said, Thina, Pythonizers and Beatlemaniacs go often together. I know you're not a spammer, and there are more off-topic threads around here than this. :)

the_thina at 12:10 pm July 30

thank you dear. :)

MontyPython93: Yeah actually I'm more a beatles-fan then a, now you know!

mo at 2:03 am July 30

Im a huge fan of both.Lennons always been my fav Beatle with George not far behind.I love The Beatles and Python dearly.On top of their game,the lot of them.

the_thina at 2:23 am July 30

for me its a tie between john and george. not to fond of paul tho, I cant explain why, just... something about him that rubs me the wrong way... I do love beatles, but I tend to like johns songs more than pauls, hand harly have payed any attention to his solo-career.
but well well

mo at 2:05 pm July 30

Musnt forget Georges solo stuff.All Things Must Pass is wonderful.

MontyPython93 at 2:09 am July 30

George is my fav... But at least that was expected, it didn't come over one night! Christ now i'm so upset I can't write good english!!


the_thina at 2:19 am July 30

jag förstår dig helt! skriv till dom å berätta hur du känner, fast uttryck dig inte riktigt så kanske....jag skrev till dom så fort jag fick länken

MontyPython93 at 2:32 am July 30

Njaa jag fick börja om ett par gånger för jag råkade få det att låta som om JAG skulle ha ihjäl människan (vilket jag skulle, om det inte vore för min bottenlösa kärlek till john...han valde ett "bra" offer, den jäveln...) och jag har sett på alla filmer hur amerikanska polisen stormar huset och tar gisslan och sånt om man råkar säga nått som kan tolkas fel... Men nu är det gjort!! TACK!!!!!!!!!!

the_thina at 2:39 am July 30

inga problem alls. men jag betvivlar som sagt att dom skulle släppa ut honom i vilket fall, men kan man protestera så bör man göra det.
å jag är övertygad om att ifall han släpps SKULLE någon döda honom, å det tror jag john skulle vara förtvivlad över. jag skulle tycka det var rätt åt honom, även om jag är emot dödandet av någon levande varelse, men stackars john... nä, låt fanskapet ruttna i fängelset! *morr*

MontyPython93 at 2:42 am July 30

Amen på det!!!

mo: Thanks for this.The bastard should never be let out.I hope he rots.

the_thina at 2:21 am July 30

no problem at all. I have spred this in every corner of the internet where I know beatles-fans hang around, I hope they drown in letters and throw away the key

mo at 2:24 am July 30

Beatles Links forum is very popular.Thats a good one.