Such lovely dog kennels

I went out to go furniture shopping and to look into buying a new mattress since mine is over 13 years old. I asked to see their 'dog kennels' wondering if, by any chance, one of them was a Python fan and would point me towards the matresses. I got my hopes up, but it was fun nonetheless. I found some very nice dog kennels in the store and nobody had to stand in a tea chest.

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mrsCutout: HAhahaa I can't belive you did that!!! It must have been awesom!!!
What did they do when you bought a matress instead of a dog kennel!
Dog kennels!! I realy like this it weird?

A. Lupin at 6:38 pm July 24

When I think of dog kennels I think of like ... the big animal shelters, but I think the sketch was talking about the little ones like dog houses haha. They just kind of looked at me like 'what's she on about? - oh whatever, here try this MATTRESS.'

nope_ive_been_shopping at 9:15 am July 25

It's a shame Python is not more widely publisised... damn youth of today :) You are honourable for trying, Lupin :L

A. Lupin at 4:27 pm July 26

Many thanks~ It is a shame ... Python needs to go to comic con or something for a revival :D

mrsCutout at 5:21 pm July 26

And may I say about your previous comment! Yeah that's what comes to my mind too!! But i like the sound of it! Very tinny! Hahahah! Ofcourse they thougth you're silly! Anyway! MATRESS! I prefer dog kennels!

nope_ive_been_shopping at 7:45 am July 27

It should be a rule in matress shops, they'll need to only employ people who understand that 'dog kennels' is another way of saying 'matress'. I now feel we should open a matress shop to test this idea. :)

mrs galahad 19 at 8:23 am July 27

HERE HERE Python should go to Comic Con!! Maybe when Project Chapman gets more publicity, that should get them to come.

mrsCutout at 4:30 pm July 27

ΥΕY to all!!!!!