swedish culture

here in sweden we are known for 3 things. abba, bergman and porn. and those three things happen to be things I dont like. and oh, that we use bad language too, as graham demonstrates in his mock-up-swedis that dont mean a thing.

have been asked things about sweden by at least 10+ pepole since I joined this site 6 monts ago, so now Ill give you free hands. what do you wanna know? what type of music do you like and would not mind to hear in swedish? what kind of films do you like that can be subtiteld to english?
stellan skarsgård, gustav skarsgård, greta garbo? max von sydow? peter stormare?
just ask and I tell

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Romanes Eunt Domus: Tell us about the majestik møøse!

There. I said it. ;)

And if there was a Scandanavian Viking-off, who would win? And would said Viking-off include a spam-eating contest?

And can we Americans borrow your health care system? We'll be careful! ;)

the_thina at 5:15 pm February 13

haha, well, there are mooses in other countreys, but there is a swedish comic-strip called hälge (swedish word for moose is älg and helge is a swedish male name, so its a bit of word-play)

and witch scandianvian viking-countrey woul win any batte, of eating spam and other, it would be us swedes, simply because we were the last noric countrey to be christianed and therefor the last countrey with vikings in it.

Lvndr HppE at 6:56 pm February 12

lol! I'm with him on the healthcare thing. Our president has talked about bringing it over, but the man took months to pick a dog. A dog!

Romanes Eunt Domus at 11:15 pm February 12

That's why I voted for Nader.
(Besides, only Nader gets name-checked in a Python Sketch.)

Lvndr HppE: Five things! You forgot Swedish meatballs and Ikea furniture! My parents go to the local Ikea store to eat swedish meatballs. And the Swedish Chef is my favorite muppet. ;-)

the_thina at 5:17 pm February 13

haha, well I am a vegitarian, and has never been to an ikea. :P

but my favourite muppet is animal, but just for you:
MÖRDI SCHMÖRDI FÖRDI! (btw, wsedish chef-talk is just humbug, dont mean a thing, but Im guessin thats not a big suprice)

Holly at 7:14 pm February 12

Lol the Swedish Chef is awsome!

thewastelandr: Random comment - all the Swedish people I know are bisexual.

the_thina at 6:59 am February 07


thewastelandr at 7:23 am February 07

Is that more common there than here? It's honestly very odd to me that I know maybe 10-12 Swedish people and all are bi.

the_thina at 8:28 am February 07

well, if its more common I dont know, but it is maybe more accepted. personally I think everyone is at least a little bi. I once talked to a man that was about 70, he had been married with a woman since he was 20, they had a bunch of kids and so on. then one day when he was 60 he met a man he fell completely in love with, and before that he had never even given the fact he may like men to a thought.

thewastelandr at 7:39 pm February 12

Very interesting! I think you're right - that happens often.

the_thina at 6:52 pm February 13

yeah, I enjoy listening to the coming-out-storys of pepole that are about one generation, or in this case a bit more, over me. the world was a different place, and even if its still not 100% the gays in my own age have it sooo much more easy than those before us

King Brian the Wild: I like them.... Hur mar du? Thats nearly all I knew in swedish. Serously, I like Abba and I think Stellan Skarsgard is a good actor. The film I would like to watch in swedish (even if I would understand only 5 %) would be Life of Brian. But it's quite similar to german and I liked Sweden when I went on holidays there when I was 10. That's all I can say abaout Sweden, apart from Ikea ;-)

the_thina at 7:01 am February 07

haha, but we dont dub movies here in sweden. at least notmovies for grownups. so there is no swedish dub of life of brian around

King Brian the Wild at 5:21 pm February 12

Ah, that's right, I forgot that. As here in Spain and in Germany they dub everything. Mycket bra!

the_thina at 5:28 pm February 12

no, MYCKET DÅLIGT that they dub over at ypur place MYCKET BRA that they dont do it here. :)
but If I have too much time on my hands and a few mates with the same problem, meaybe we could do a dub. ^^

King Brian the Wild at 6:30 pm February 13

I think just the Pilate scene from Life of Brian would be great to be seen in different languages such as swedish ;-)

the_thina at 6:53 pm February 13

haha, but the translations of the names gets pretty hard. witch is obvíous if you read the subtitels. :P

Holly: That was a great clip. Where did you find it?

the_thina at 7:57 am February 06

its from "an evening of monty python" I think it was called. was shown 10 years ago for 30th annoversery

thewastelandr at 3:06 pm February 06

It is a great clip! The only Python tribute to my heritage is "Never Be Rude to an Arab" lol. (or to my half-Greekness, the philosopher's soccer game)

Kasmira at 7:51 am February 07

There's something for everyone... For me it's "Finland Song" :D

WackyQueen: skitsnyggt kollage! :D

Kasmira: Haha, BTW, Gray's "Swedish" speaking was hilarious...

Kasmira: Well... I think Abba is cool :) I know surprisingly little about Swedish music, movies etc. But Pippi Långstrump is cute and funny fairy tale, and I'll definitely read it to my kids (if I ever have some). And then I must say I loved the movie Fucking Åmål!! I was a teenager those days it was released. Oh, memories... x)

the_thina at 8:02 am February 06

yes, fucking åmål is great! check out the movie lukas made after that one, tillsammans. about a house full of comunists in the late 70s, then one of them has a sister who movesin with her kids because her husband has beaten her up, and what happens when 3 non-comunists enter that world. very very good and funny movie

Kasmira at 3:39 am February 07

ok, thina! i'll check out if i find it somewhere. :) sounds very interesting!

Kasmira at 2:56 am February 06

That wasn't the answer you'll expect but ...

Kasmira at 2:58 am February 06

What the fuck I just wrote... "I'm sorry I have a cold" (I'm just woken up so don't you mind...)

the_thina at 6:54 pm February 13

what are you on about? lol

Johnnyrose: ... you ment PORN or POpcoRN?

the_thina at 7:59 am February 06

sadly, I ment porn. :/

Lvndr HppE: Where is this video from? It's certainly not from the show, but it does have parts that were in the show.

the_thina at 7:58 am February 06

"an evening of monty python" I thought it was called. john find it in a bbc-dumper, then he goes home with ken shabby