T- 7 Days until Spamalot!

Tess, Kelli and I have 7 days until we see Spamalot. So, Kelli and I have packed a week's worth of clothes and things. We are staying at Tess' for the week and watching nothing but Python until the big day! This includes Flying Circus, the movies and Almost the Truth. Then, as we drive to the theatre, we're going to listen to nothing but Python! Woo! Looking forward to the show!

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l_wojcik: Hi, people! Kelli and I (Tess) have decided to take over posting on Lisa's account for because TONIGHT is the night we see Spamalot! Lisa would be posting this but, she's pretty passed out right now. We've kinda given no sleep in the past two nights. Our bad, hahahaha! Anyway, we're super excited to see the show tonight! No point in posting this but, I (Kelli this time) felt like it. Hahaha...

Lvndr HppE: That's awesome! I know you'll have a great time!

mrsCutout: AAAAH!!!!! Lucky you!!!!!!! That's wonderful!You people have fun! And tell us what you think of the show!!!