Terry Gilliam - The Legend of Hallowdega

Gilliam has made a new short film --> The Legend of Hallowdega <--

Here's the --> poster <--

Here's the synopsis from the film website:

"For decades legend and lore have swirled around the 2.66 miles of asphalt that make up racing's fastest track -- Talladega Superspeedway. This Halloween, in celebration of the AMP Energy Juice 500 at Talladega on Oct. 31st, the world will learn the “truth”. This original short film, presented by AMP Energy Juice, is directed by Terry Gilliam and stars David Arquette & Justin Kirk, with special appearances by Dale Earnhardt Jr., Darrell Waltrip and many more."

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Tanya_Birklid19: OMG I just watched it and loved it!! David was funny as hell!

Paute: It´s On line!!!!


genji at 7:30 am November 01

Well spotted.

TheRealGilliamFan: Gilly has a VERY TINY cameo appearance in the filmette :D

The film is online now at

If your cpu is slow, I recommend turning off the HD on the video player :)

genji at 12:06 am November 01

Mine was fine - it's powered by human tears.

mrsCutout at 3:02 pm October 31

Thanks for this!!!!!!!!

Lvndr HppE: Hmm. On one hand, its a film starring David Arquette about racing, my least favorite sport. On the other hand, its a Terry Gilliam film. . . . This is a tough one. {thinks some more} Oh, alright. I'll watch it.

Lvndr HppE at 9:10 am November 03

That was pretty good. I'm glad they went with funny instead of scary.

Colonel Daughter: "A filmette by Terry Gilliam" XD thank you so much ... Gilliam is my fav. living director right now... especially now that spielberg has lost his touch... :'(

genji: That looks like it might be exciting and funny. Thanks for posting.

Is he a big motor racing fan?

TheRealGilliamFan at 11:17 pm October 09

Not sure. Not that I know of. They probably just sought him out and asked him to do it. But I'm starting to get a little theory cooking here... He directed the Arcade Fire webcast (and I know he's a big fan of the band and I think he's got other things on the horizon with them); he's just directed this filmette, backed by huge sponsors... I'm hoping he's making a nice chunk of change on these gigs... maybe he'll finance Quixote himself?? I mean other people do it (Gibson, Cruise, etc), so why not? I have no idea haha... just theorizing ;)