Terry Jones And Gilliam Are Opera Rivals


"Former Monty Python co-stars Terry Jones and Terry Gilliam are preparing for a stage showdown as they each launch their first operas in London.

The funnymen are directing productions at rival venues in the British capital - Jones has adapted his short story The Doctor's Tale for the Royal Opera House, while Gilliam's The Damnation of Faust opens at the London Coliseum.

The stars insist it is a coincidence that they are both taking on new opera ventures, but Jones reveals he has turned to opera fan Gilliam for support - because he's completely new to the genre.

He says, "We've been discussing our operas and how they are going... I've only been to two operas in my life - both quite recently. One was Rossini's Cinderella, but it was worse than a pantomime. Then I went to Anna Nicole at Covent Garden. I didn't really like the music and I found the dialogue a bit daft."

The Doctor's Tale will premiere next month (Apr11), while the curtain goes up on Gilliam's show in May (11)."

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larsen525: By great good luck, I'll be in London in early May. I've bought a ticket for the Friday, May 6th performance, way up in the cheap seats.

larsen525 at 7:44 pm March 22

Of Terry G's opera, that is.

Lvndr HppE at 11:05 am March 24

We'll want a full detail story on how it is!

a_nervous_wreck at 2:35 pm March 24

And many pictures to drool over... if its possible that is

kisch: I'm going to Jonesy's opera on 16th April! Too bad I can't stay in the UK until May and see Terry G's one as well...

Lvndr HppE: That's really cool, but did anyone see the little Mr. Creosote statuette in the background? Too cute!

a_nervous_wreck at 6:14 am March 22

That was the first thing I noticed when I saw this, and then unload massive amounts of SQUEE when I saw Gil and Jonesy in such a... manly position :)

Paute: Awww... are lovelys. A lot!

TheRealGilliamFan: I hope someone from here gets to see these shows so you can tell us all about it.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 6:26 pm March 21

And take pictures.

Tanya_Birklid19: Thank you so much for the info!! I too want to be in London for both of them!

Here Comes Another One: I really want to be in London right now! I officially hate anyone who's in London in April & May, if they're not me or a Python, OK? OK. Now that's cleared up. XD

arkennedy: Thanks for the info :) Hopefully it Terry's and Terry's opera will be successful enough to go to other countries as well. I'm not really an opera fan myself but I think I might make an exception in this case.

arkennedy at 9:17 pm March 20

That should be Terry's and Terry's operas. I forgot the "s"