Terry Jones and Wogan talk about Personal Services


By Kevin O'Sullivan

MONTY PYTHON star Terry Jones was a guest at bizarre sex orgies, a court heard yesterday.

The zany TV funnyman was spotted by an undercover policeman at a house where men were queuing on the stairs to take prostitutes into bedrooms, it was alleged.

Jones, 44, is said to have chatted to house owner Cynthia Payne - who faces vice charges - at the foot of the stairs.

Other guests included a transvestite dressed as a French maid and men watching kinky "floor shows", Inner London Crown Court was told.

Last night Jones, married with two children, agreed he was there - and reacted with a joke about Manchester's crusading police chief.

"I had heard the police were coming so I wanted to be there to meet James Anderton," he said

The comic's business partner Anne James added: "Terry was only there for research. He was making a film about Cynthia Payne."

His £2million movie, called Personal Services and starring Julie Walters, is due to be released in the summer.


And here the answer. Poor Jonesy.

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mrsCutout: Wow thanks for that so much! haha oh Jonesy!

thewastelandr: Yeah that movie isn't my favorite, but Terry looks great and did a great job directing!

sit-on-my-face: I don't know this Wogan guy but he's a good interviewer (runs around the table)
And Terry lovely as ever.

kisch: Haha, Michael (Palin) has a great entry about that in his Diaries II.
But I've never seen the actual article from The Sun, so thank you!
Personal Services is a wonderful film.