Terry Jones Medievel Lives Episode 8

Here is the 8th and final (at least as far as what's been posted no youtube) episode of Terry Jones' Medieval Lives.

It's a little over 29 minutes long with no commercials as far as I can tell.

Enjoy :)

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Paute: I can´t see the video. I hate you BBC!!!!

arkennedy at 11:47 pm January 28

I think there was a glitch with the site earlier. Because when I first posted the video it was there. Just now when I looked at this thread it was gone so I tried to update this thread by posting the link to the video since I thought Youtube had decided to disable the embedding. When I went to Youtube though the embedding hadn't been disabled after all.

What's strange is that when I clicked on save after updating this thread it went back to the way the thread looked before I tried to update it. Except the video came back.

Hopefully you'll be able to see the video now. If it still doesn't work though here is the link so you can watch it on Youtube:


Sorry the video didn't show up for you earlier though. I know how frustrating things like that can be.

Paute at 3:33 pm January 29

No. .. the problem is that the BBC does not allow this!. I get the following message: This video contains content from BBC Worldwide, who has decided to lock in your country.
When John said: "I hate them! i hate them! bastards comunist!"

arkennedy at 3:57 pm January 29

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that. I didn't know that BBC blocked the video in your country. There was a glitch on the site yesterday though that caused the video to disappear temporarily and I thought that was why you couldn't see the video.

Paute at 4:17 pm January 29

I know. It's not your fault.
I wish I could see

Lvndr HppE: That was pretty interesting.

WackyQueen: I always watch this when i'm bored. Afterwards, i'm happy again. It's Terry, you know..

thewastelandr: GOOD WORK ARKENNEDY!

thewastelandr at 8:42 pm January 13

Oops didn't mean to shout that, but thanks for posting all these! I can't find them at my library, so I wonder if they aren't out on dvd yet??

arkennedy at 9:19 pm January 13

You're welcome :)

I know that BBCAmerica sells Medieval lives:


I don't know where else it can be bought but I'm guessing someone else sells it. Perhaps you could try asking one of your local stores that sells dvds if they would be willing to order it for you.

thewastelandr at 9:14 pm January 25

Oooh yay!

Holly: That was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Terry looks so good w/ his hair wind blown too.