Terry Jones Presents Monty Python’s Life Of Brian

In January every year we run a silent film festival (Slapstick Festival) screening films by the stars of the silent era; Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy etc. In recent years we have expanded our remit so that it now includes any comedy that involves visual humour, a catchall that obviously embraces the work of the collective genii that were (are) the Python team.

This coming January we have an event in Bristol at Colston Hall called "He's Not the Messiah he's....Terry Jones". The event will be held on Saturday 28th Jan 2012 & will include Terry himself, (a)live & in person, in conversation with Sanjeev Bhaskar (also alive, live & in person). Terry will introduce the film "Monty Python's Life Of Brian" and following the screening with be in conversation with Sanjeev (who of course played King Arthur in Spamalot) discussing amongst other things Terry's role as both actor & director. We also hope to have other very special guests along but at present we are still awaiting solid confirmation so have to leave this as a tease. (Watch are social media sites for up to the minute news - the Slapstick Festival is on both Facebook & Twitter, http://www.facebook.com/SlapstickFestival & http://twitter.com/SlapstickFest)

We hope that, like us, you'll find the opportunity to see what is unquestionably one of Britain’s most best-loved films exciting & want to rush to buy your tickets. We thought it a good idea to let you all know about this "once in a lifetime" (probably) event nice and early as you are obviously all Monty Python fanatics. The tickets have only been on sale for one week & we have already sold 200 so although I know that usually when you hear people say "buy early to avoid disappointment" you probably think "oh shut up, we know marketing jargon for "please buy a ticket we haven't sold many & don't want to lose money on the event" when we hear it", but for once really believe me when I say "buy early to avoid bitter disappointment".

The Life of Brian event will be held in Bristol's Colston Hall. To find out more information please click on the following URL which will take you to the Colston Hall website where you can buy tickets & find more information about the event: http://www.colstonhall.org/whatson/Event2738

Other events we have during the festival include a Dad's Army special with Ian Lavendar (http://www.colstonhall.org/whatson/Event2739) & an opening gala that includes Griff Rhys Jones talking about his love of Buster Keaton's The General (regularly voted one of the funniest films ever), which will also be screened in full ((http://www.colstonhall.org/whatson/Event2612)). Buying tickets for the three events (all at Colston Hall) will get you a special discount.

The final bit of plugging (thanks for being patient for reading this far) is to give you the special URL for the Slapstick Festival which is: http://www.slapstick.org.uk/

Thanks for reading this, we look forward to hopefully seeing some of you at the forthcoming festival.

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Paute: Damn... I hate live so far.

mrsCutout: ÀH! I would like to be there!!!!!