Is Terry that small??

... or is it Lily Cole that big?

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the_thina: you can see him bending his knees ans sticking out his bum. and the photographer is standing closer to herthan to him.and looks like shes got serious heels on as well.
cool pic shough, and she is very pretty

mrsCutout: Oh my!!!!!!!!!!is she realy like that????wow!

Jatta: I have no idea, but that title was really... confusing... or maybe it's just my mind that works in a funny way :)

ximrealynotokayx at 3:17 pm December 10

lol i was thinking the same exact thing tht u were XD

Lady April at 12:59 pm December 10

Tonight on It's The Mind, we examine the phenomenon of Jattas brain. That strang thing that comments perversly when shown a photo of Michael Palin......

Lady April at 1:00 pm December 10

And Now......

Lady April at 1:01 pm December 10

Michael Palin

Jatta at 8:56 am December 11

OH MY... you know what you have done now, don't ya Lady?

Lady April at 9:23 am December 11

You totally brought that sketch on yourself! Sorreh - hadda roll with it! Worked rather nicely didn't it - but I did manage to throw this thread wayyyy off topic too... dammit! I did it with class!

Jatta at 9:25 am December 11

it's bwilliant, Lady :)

WackyQueen at 8:03 am December 11


Lady April: She is tall and he is crouching. Gilly babe is over 6 foot so she is REALLY tall!

Johnnyrose at 10:03 am December 10

Huummmm... crunchy!!

Lady and Laird Candermine at 3:12 pm December 10

I think he'd look good in that outfit, if only they dressed as twins~!

Lady April at 8:16 pm December 10

Ooooo I would LOVE to find out myself =P

Johnnyrose: ...she realy looks unreal, like a doll, doesn't she?

MontyPython93 at 7:24 am December 11

Oh yes she does :O

thewastelandr: He looks like he's crouching... that is so funny!

Hanri: Johnny and red heads. ;)

I keep wondering are those socks or shoes, hard to tell.

Johnnyrose at 10:01 am December 10

Red?? I don't know what the Carol do you mean...

Lady April at 10:07 am December 10

LMAO!!!! You naughty naughty boy!

Lady April at 10:09 am December 10

H - they are both shoe and sock all in one!!!

thewastelandr at 10:12 am December 10

I love those boots! Where can I get some??

Johnnyrose at 1:00 pm December 10

What boots??

Hanri at 1:52 pm December 10

Johnny can see only thigh there, you see.. ;D

WackyQueen: This picture made me LOL!