Thank God for Gigantti!

Remember that Elgiganten ad John Cleese made in Sweden? Well, Elgiganten has a Finnish branch, so the Cleese campaign came here after the holidays. YAY! I'm sure Kasmira could help with some moving images for us all to see, but here's the front page of the Gigantti catalogue. :)

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Lady and Laird Candermine:

A Danish friend sent me an email a few weeks ago with a couple of links to these Cleese commercial. It really helped me understand something I heard Gilliam say... you know foot in mouth....and over head stomp Gilliam... I heard him say that John should not have gotten divorced's costing him too much money. I thought that was rather a private thing to say until I saw that Cleese was saying these things in a commercial. LOL ha I get it now...
Last I saw Cleese raising money for his x wives was in a golf ball commerical in the US.
Well... I'd rather seen them all in the movies... but I understand the need for fast bucks in one's retirement time...especially since just about everyone in the first world lost about 60 percent of their wealth in the market recently... ouch... we will see more old timers pounding these kinds of ads soon... gosh... can I have an award for being the longest... gibbering git in here.. who keeps chimming on about this and that and dribbling words all over the place and who never seems to notice that no one is reading her anyway and still she drones on and on and on.....

Johnnyrose: Great! I would love if he could make an portyguese commercial too...

Lady of the Lake: Well..... how should I put this.... I like John, but I don't like these commercials. I know John has done lots of commercials but this is just too much and I can't believe he is there...
That's just my opinion pls don't be angry at me. Good if somebody likes it.

Kasmira at 12:23 pm January 05

All I think it's that John just need loads of money... That was the reason he started his "Alimony tour". Money. I can't deny it, I become happy everytime I see him on telly :)
Everyone has and need to have his own opinion. That's everyone's right. :)

Hanri at 11:48 am January 05

I agree with the type of ad. But is a sell-out campaign, "I'm desperate" sort of stuff. But then again, one more thing to make Pythons visible. Not all people in Finland recognize the guy, even though he is the most regognized here.

And I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions. :)


I just came home, switch on my laptop and came here and what do I see :) Well done, Hanri! And yes, I like to share you this following video. Enjoy! ;)

the_thina at 3:12 pm January 08

its exactly the same they showed in sweden. just the voice-over and companys name changed to finnish. I think it was a total of 5 or 6 they showed here...

Kasmira at 1:48 pm January 07

Yay, it works, it works!

Kasmira at 10:44 am January 06

It seems the video is corrupted during I was trying to add it here. Hail the technology! Kasmira loves it... NOT.

Lady April: Oh lookie those thexthy chicken legs! That is just awesome! The whole thing!