Thank You, Thank You, RSM Hanri!

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home yesterday, to find a package from Finland, Finland, Finland, on my front porch. It was a birthday gift from Hanri.

A box of candy (no Biggles it was not a box of Whizzo Chocolates), rather it was a box of "Kiss-Kiss" (which as has been explained to me is the Finnish term for "Puss-Puss") in recognition of my many animals (Yes, Valeria as in menagerie!).

I wanted to make a VERY public show of appreciation.

Sincerely Hanri, thank you for not only thinking about my birthday, but also doing something.

BTW the "Dare" that you put to look inside the paper worked, and YES we saw your mother's picture.

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Hanri: I was beginning to wonder whether the package did arrive or not.. Glad to see that you get to eat the candy and not a sweet tooth postman. ;)

You see, people think of you. And love to. :)

BroMaynardG: BTW - (For the Mordreds that Be). I posted this once, no burps mind you, and it was posted twice. Now, I did go back and edit the first post, and did not realize for an hour that there were two posts, but that should not have allowed it to replicate itself (like common Amoeba or Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid [thank you Watson and Crick!]). [I did delete one of the two posts, so I did not look like the idiot I can be.]

When I have something important to say again, I will try to recreate what I did and see if it happens again.

Signed: A Lowly Eloi