Is there such a thing as a Monty Python version of Clue (or Cluedo as I think it's called in Britan)? Here's my own Python version.

I've seen several versions of Clue including The Simpsons,
Arrested Development, Seinfeld, The Office etc. But so far I
haven't come across a Monty Python version of the game.
I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a Monty Python
version version of Clue or not but I think there should be.
So here is my idea of what a Python version of Clue might
be like. I'm referring to the game as "Clue" because I'm
American and that's what it's called here. I believe it's
called "Cluedo" in Britain and I don't know what it's
called in other countries. I'm also basing my version
of Python Clue on the American version because that's the
one I'm familiar with. I think Your own ideas of Python versions
of Clue or Cluedo or whatever it might be called where you
live would also be interesting.

(to get a better view of the images you'll
probably need to click on them).

Graham is Colonel Mustard because he
often played the colonel in MPFC.

John is Professor Plum because I'm pretty
sure he had a teaching job when he was younger
and in meaning of life he played a teacher
(Part II: Growth and Learning; he played
Humphrey Williams)

Terry Gilliam is Mr. Green (I think in the British
version of the game Mr. Green is called Reverend Green
and I can't remember the source but I think I read
somewhere that he once considered a religious career when
he was very young).

Eric is Miss Scarlet because out of the images I was
able to find that would work best for the suspects
I decided Eric made the best Miss Scarlet

Terry Jones is Mrs. White and Michael is Mrs.
Peacock for no other reason than I chose at random
which one would be which.

For the weapons instead of the candle stick, lead pipe,
revolver, rope, knife and wrench (is it referred to as
the spanner in the British version?) I chose the
poison spam, 16 ton mega weight holy hand grenade
killer rabbit, giant foot and giant hammer.

As for the rooms I chose to use Python references.
below is a list of what the room is called in the
actual game and what I've chosen to call each room:

Study = Spanish Inquisition

Hall = Cave of Caerbannog (where the killer
rabbit lives)

Lounge = Argument Clinic

Library = Story Time

Billiard Room = Upper Class Twits
Dinning Room = Spam

Conservatory = Hand Tree Forest (I don't know the
name of this cartoon but I wanted to include at least one
of Gilliam's animations and since the conservatory is
a place to grow plants (in this case at least, I know
that there are conservatory where music is played as
well) I decided the hand trees would be a good option)

Ball Room = Camelot (The silly place King Arthur decided
not to go to. I chose them because of the song and
dance routine)

Kitchen = Grill-O-Mat.

To make the board I copied an image of the board from
actual game and edited it by adding in screen caps from
the various sketches.

In some versions of the game the card backs have a
fingerprint on them I chose to put a footprint because
of the Giant Foot.

In the regular version a game might end by someone
accusing (and being correct) Mrs. White of Killing
Mr. Body in the Kitchen with the knife.
In my Python version the game could end when someone
correctly accuses Mrs. White of Killing Mr. Body
with the Poison spam in the Grill-o-mat.

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MrSPGUMBY: Prof Plum with the Holy Hand Grenade in Spam Spam Spam Spam, Spam Spam Spam Spam. SPAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMM

Mrs_Lumberjack: This is the best version i've ever seen, brilliant!

DrWinstonOrPiglet: Haha, that's great. I love it. If there was a Python version of Clue I'd definitely buy it.

imalumberjackandimokay: Wouldn't it be great if we could actually make this happen? :D

charlotte93: This is a really great idea. It could be so much fun if you could find someone who could publish this Monty Python cluedo. I would definitely buy it, and then I would be some more and give it to all my friends and family as a present. :)

arkennedy at 10:19 am September 23

Thanks :)