They were right about Lancelot du Lac

I just watched Lancelot du Lac. It's a French film that came out around the same time as the Holy Grail. I think it was the Jones/Gilliam commentary on the DVD where they begin talking about this film. Because a lot of people saw Holy Grail before they saw Lancelot, they were laughing at different points in the movie when it wasn't a funny movie at all.

And I laughed too. I couldn't help thinking of lines from Holy Grail. It started right off-You see it up there-with the Black Knight. Then the Kensington gore..."I've had worse," might have slipped out. :)

But it was completely different, of course. The acting was with minimal emotion and there was no music score. You know what it reminded me of? The "French Subtitled Film" sketch (the one with the exploding cabbage).

Still, I thought it was pretty good.

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Lady and Laird Candermine: Never .... never knew about this.... ... the poster looks like Don Quixote on acid.

Romanes Eunt Domus at 6:08 pm January 29

I never knew about it either till I heard about it on the Holy Grail commentary. But yes, it's a stripped down version of the grail myth; there's no fantastic element whatever-well, excepting a rather prescient old lady...though she probably was just smart enough to predict what would happen when a bunch of despondent knights come straggling back.

No one finds the Grail, several of the Knights of the Round table are dead and missing, and the ones left are fighting amongst themselves. In short things are falling apart in Camelot.

Okay, it's not the feel good movie of 1974, but still it's very, very good. Think of Greek tragedy: depressing things going on, but still compelling. (Okay, when you read it or watched it, it might have seemed a snooze fest, but that's stuffy people who suck the life out of the Classics. :) I saw a short clip of a modern Greek film version of Iphigenia at Aulis that was electric.)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 11:04 am February 01

Thank you.. Romanes... excellent discribtion...
I'm sure it isn't Titus ... now that's a really... really dark version of a Greek myth........... .. eeeeeeee... RUN!!!

Lvndr HppE: When you said "they were right about lancelot", I thought you were talking about a new find that said he really was gay, like in Spamalot. That song came up on my ipod while I was walking the dog. I was kind of dancing while I walked. :-D

Lvndr HppE at 10:45 pm January 27

And ever since I said that, I've had the song stuck in my head!