For Thina

Happy birthday Thina :)

btw: if you have or can get 3d glasses the middle image on the left should have a 3d effect.

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Lady and Laird Candermine:

Happy Birthday, Thina!!!! Hope you have (had) (will always have) a great day... may all your wishes come true!!!!

the_thina: aaaaw, thank you! loved this. :) I think I have 3d-glasses somewhere....

arkennedy at 1:42 pm January 04

You're welcome :) I'm glad you like it.

Lady and Laird Candermine at 2:05 pm January 04

very cool 3Dphotos arkennedy!!!

arkennedy at 2:14 pm January 04

Thanks :)

Johnnyrose: A 3D Graham... that's new!!!