For the Thinaaaaaaaa!!!!

This awfull weekend found me sick and stuck into the house.And I suppose that this will continue for the rest of the week! So you'll understand why this morning I starded acting extremely silly when a package from Sweeden was waiting for me at the front door this morning!!!! It conteined plenty of Python stuff wich I wouldn't even dream of having in my collection wich is now much bigger!!For that and for making my day (week or actually month) I thank you thina from the bottom of my heart and from the heart of my bottom(mike's line)! Thnk you thank you thank you thank you thank you..........:D xxx

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thewastelandr: My dad bought that ale once... i remember it not tasting that great but can't beat the packaging!

the_thina: aaaaw. Im glad you are so happy and that it got to you so soon. :D

flopsy_mrs: i jogn in for the celibration :) for the wonderfull and kind thina :) what are the festivetys ???, :) let me know :p

mrsCutout: Let's selebrate it now!!!!!!!