Things I Love About Eric

Here are the five best things about Eric:
1) His eyes. They are such a nice colour, and so bright. I once spent a half hour staring at his eyes.
2) His hair. I just want to play with it. It's also a nice color, and so wavy.
3) His voice. It is captivating.
4) His smile. I melt every time Eric smiles.
5) His music. Playing the guitar, the piano, or singing, I don't care. I love every second of it.

Okay, I'm obsessed, but there's nothing so odd about that.

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Lvndr HppE: I'd say the hair, the music, and the fact that his name is Eric.

Lvndr HppE at 6:42 am August 27

And I guess the fact that he's funny is a given.

TheRealGilliamFan: agree agree agree! especially his eyes. and smile! and singing!!!

Alainainthesky: I agree with your list (: Eric is utterly charming and very handsome.

mrsCutout: I just couldn't agree more!Especialy about his hair!And everything.Mikey is my fav but eric come second for me!

TheBlancmange: He's always been my favourite Python. I love Eric!!!

Cardinal Richelieu: Ahh, I am completely in love with him too :D Yay, Eric lovers unite!

MontyPythonrocks18: Im not sure why, He is my favorite Python:) I just think hes is adorable and funny. and I LOVE his hair too:O

the_thina: I like to add his crooked teeth. haha. dont ask me why, but I find crooked teeth extremely charming. :)

Alainainthesky at 5:14 pm August 25

Good addition (: I love his teeth, too.

sit-on-my-face at 4:29 pm August 23

Go Shane McGowan (though it is not only crooked at that point)

sit-on-my-face at 4:39 pm August 23


unladen swallow at 8:54 am August 22

I agree.

the_thina at 10:40 am August 22

aaah, good! lets give a big cheer for english dentists then, leaving all those crooked and charmy teeth alone. ^^

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:54 pm August 22

It's a man's life in the British Dental Association after all ;)

the_thina at 12:57 pm August 22

haha, I knew someone was gonna say that! give it up for lemming, our superstar-dentist!

TheBlancmange at 11:34 am August 24

Lemming, Lemming, Lemming of the BDA!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: So is it true you like Eric Idle? XD

unladen swallow at 8:54 am August 22

It's possible.

Fettle: I know EXACTLY how you feel....and I agree with all 5 reasons for loving him....he is amazing in every way....