Things that make us think of Python

Sometimes there are things not really related to Python that make me think of Python. Since I doubt I'm the only one that happens to, I decided to start this thread so if anyone else has things that make him or her think of Python he or she can share it here.

To start us off, there is a candy company called "The Gilliam Candy Company". I don't think I have to explain why that makes me think of Python :) although as far as I know Terry's family doesn't own it. They've been around since 1927 and as long as I can remember that has been my favorite brand as far as hard candy is concerned.

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This article seems like something a member of the Looney Party might do.

arkennedy at 4:20 pm December 26

I found the image on the NBC website in the Tonight Show Headlines section for November 7th 2011.


There's this Spanish brand of chips called "Monti", which are made in a city called Montilla, near Córdoba, so it's some kind of abbreviation, but sounds very funny nonetheless. Another connection with the Monty Pythons is the fact that this city gives its name to the "Amontillado" wine. Maybe some of you remember that sketch, the sherry-drinking vicar, where a bunch of people start singing a song in pseudo-Spanish, repeating "amontillado, amontillado...". So here you have two references to the Pythons in the same city.

GloriaTheWarrior: I don't know if it was already posted but at 2:40 he says something that reminded me of a reallly reallly really reallly cool film.

the_thina: forgot this thread and made this one:

arkennedy: While looking at various things online I ran across a game called "Splunge" on Sourceforge.

It's a game that has to be downloaded and installed, and I don't know if it's any good or not but after reading the title of the game I immediately thought of this sketch: :)

mrs galahad 19: Okay, the last five mintues of my shift, Petula Clark's song 'Don't Sleep in the Subway' came on and when it came to the chorus, I had to stifle my laughs, reminded me of the Historical Impersonations sketch.

J.Gambolputty: I'll post a pic of it later, but our new armchair looks just like the Blancmange from that sketch. :DD I just noticed it and thought it was quite funny.

mrs galahad 19: Today in Dakota (yes, I'm taking Dakota Sioux) we had to share our ten sentences that we conjugated. One guy wrote his on the board, we tried to translate the first one (it was something like 'Tuka kuwa wawata'). Apparently it actually said something completely different from what he intended to say (which was 'I eat breakfast'). He mentioned that this was like the Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook sketch. We had a good laugh :)

mrs galahad 19: Alright, well, my geology professor's last name is Lepper and the other day I thought, If he and his wife get a divorce, would she be called an EX-Lepper?
I thought it was quite funny :)

the_thina: youtube / GaBL6KgnoF4
the drummer looks like basil fawlty! XD
and no, this is not a seriuos video, its from an old kid-show on telly and the leadsinger and basist are authours of kid/teenage-books here in sweden. and I adore them. :)

the_thina at 6:58 am September 07

if you cant find the video using the code above (could not post the whole link) search for "var mig själv sören olsson" and the one uploaded by "sorenolsson" is the right one

a_nervous_wreck: I was watching this thing for Doctor Who on YouTube, and this bird thing was saying how this guy promised him all the gold he could eat. It reminded me of Jonesy's character in LoB, saying that Naughtius Maximus promised her "as much gold as I could eat." :D

mrs galahad 19 at 8:31 am September 07

Oh! I watched that the other day. The Infinite Quest is what is was called. Yeah, that did come into mind.


was watching "mr beans holliday" and almost though I saw mr creosote in the background! in his right souroundings too. see for yourselfs

mrs galahad 19 at 2:43 pm August 14

Way in the back, right hand side? *squints eyes* Great Scott, Marty!! It is!!

the_thina at 1:46 am August 15

ok, to make it a bit more clear... ;)

mrs galahad 19 at 8:01 am August 15

Ah, yes. Now I see.

a_nervous_wreck: I was looking for love songs that my dad could put into a video for my mom's birthday, and there is one, I kid you not, that's first two lines are "if I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me." I expected it to be sung with a Hungarian accent, and the next line to be "my hovercraft is full of eels." Lol! at 8:02 am August 15

Every time I hear that damn annoying Britney Spears song "Hold It Against Me", I always think of that line, lol. Makes it slightly less unbearable.

arkennedy at 6:26 pm August 07

I know you're not kidding about that, I've heard the song before. I'm not sure who sings it though. It's been awhile since I heard it and I completely forgot about it.

To be honest I think I'd prefer the version you expected to hear, sung with a Hungarian accent and with the words "my hovercraft is full of eels" :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:05 am August 08

I think I peed myself when I read that post. Thanks for making my day, Freddy :D

Apparantly it's a song from the Bellamy Brothers (courtesy of Google), some country band that I've never heard of. Strangely enough it was released a full 9 years after that line was mentioned in MPFC.

Obviously they stole it XD

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:00 am August 08

I think I peed myself when I read that post. Thanks for making my day, Freddy :D

Apparantly it's a song from the Bellamy Brothers (courtesy of Google), some country band that I've never heard of. Strangely enough it was released a full 9 years after that line was mentioned in MPFC.

Obviously they stole it XD

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 1:05 am August 08

Oh, well done for double posting, you plonker! *slaps self*

a_nervous_wreck at 2:09 am August 08

Haha! You're welcome Mrs. A :) and yes, I do believe they stole it too, or maybe they're just Python fans to, and wanted to give a little shout out to the boys. Oh well, guess we'll never know.

And quit slapping yourself you silly person, everyone double posts sometimes. Its like farting, you don't have to be embarrassed about it :)

mrs galahad 19 at 1:20 pm August 08

Everytime I listen to that song, it always makes me think of that sketch. I can't help but giggle to myself :D

the_thina: my mom stopped by today. since I had been complaining to her I dont have any propper cookbook and have to look up recepies for simple stuff like pancakes and so on online all the time she gave me 3 cookbooks. in one of them there was a salad-section and what did I find if not a waldorfsalad!
AND 5 minutes ago I saw my aunt (the sister of the same woman who gave me the book) talking of that very episode of fawlty towers on facebook.
what are the odds of that?! haha!

nope_ive_been_shopping at 6:50 am August 07

I've had a quote from the Dr Henry Thripshaw's Disease in my head for hours - 'for years, i;'ve had it for donkeys' - and i have no idea why. Sumbliminal Python.

a_nervous_wreck: I'm watching Whose Line is it Anyway, and they just played a game called Changed Letter. Its where they can't say one letter, and have to replace it with another. In this case they couldn't say L and had to replace it with p, like Love became Pove and so on and so on. Anyway, it reminded me of Mr. Smoke-too-much, who couldn't say the letter C, and said B instead :) "What a silly bunt." Lol!


Here, I've seen this in supermarket recently. This is a german bread. :-)

Lvndr HppE: So, because I can't afford to go see the new Harry Potter movie right now, I've been watching the old movies. Today, I was watching the fifth movie, where Dumbledore announces his entire name, and one of his middle names is "Brian". I smirked, because a) I saw the video the_thina put up where Michael and John said that they always found "Brian to be a funny name and John started quoting his character from that sketch, and b) It made me think of Brian Cohen. This one doesn't fall under this exactly, but what the hell. My astronomy professor my first year of university made us listen to (and memorize) The Galaxy Song. Absolutely true story. My face was like :D and it was great, because I didn't even have to try. He was Australian, too, and I always wanted to call him Bruce and see what he said...

Also, when I check my spam mail folder, I'm singing, "Spam spam spam spam..." Haha. And I cannot describe the true hell it was to sit through our three day lecture serious about the Spanish Inquisition. I felt like a time bomb. I'm sure I was shaking and sweating by the end, "Don't say it, do not say it." at 7:20 am July 19

That would be a three day lecture **series.

Lvndr HppE at 7:58 pm July 19

lol. I can imagine. :-)

Lvndr HppE: I was watching Chitty Chitty Bang Band ( a children's movie, despite the title) and they had these two Vulgarian villians who were pretending to be English. One of them mentioned cricket, but it sounded like "clicket" like the way Graham said it when he was supposed to be a Chinese person in one sketch. I can't remember if it was the one where they were english actors playing a victorian scene on bikes, or if it was in the episode where Michael plays a bicyclist who ends up in communist russia. Maybe it wasn't Graham at all. Hmmm. Dang it, now I've got a headache trying to think of where I heard that.


I found this in the street! Hasn't been used, expired months ago, who wants to help me hunt these people down for wasting a perfectly good ticket?!

l_wojcik at 7:14 pm July 04

I'll sharpen my pitchfork and light the torches!

Lvndr HppE at 8:29 am July 05

They missed out on a great show! When I saw it, there wasn't two minutes that they entire audience wasn't laughing. I've never left a show in such a good mood as I did when I saw Spamalot!

Paute at 11:57 am July 05

And? Tell us something!

the_thina: ok, so I had bought sound of music on dvd because... well, musicals aresort of my guilty pleasure... cant help it, some days I just want to watch a musical and have a good cry.
anyway, was watching it and all of a sudden the screen went black and the word INTERMISSION appeared. then a bunch of stills of landscapes and arcitecture.
now, Im well aware that they did put these things in movies once upon a time, but had never seen one because they tend to edit them out when they are released on dvd or shown on telly. so that got todays biggest laugh.


found my copy of anne franks diary. (not sure if that is the english title, but it is a real diary of a teenage jew hiding from, and one day being found by, the nazis)
I have not looked in that book for at least 10 years. and when I saw the picture of anne franks mother it hit me, she sort of reminds me of terry jones in drag! especially of the chatolic mother in "every sperm is sacret"

the_thina at 7:24 am June 21

ps. wiki on the book:

French Taunter: I am studying in a scandinavian deparment at the university, so when we speak about Finland it is nice 'cause I think about the song the guys did about that country ... But, unfortunatly, this is not a place to be :/ (well to me, but others can think the contrary, I find Norway better!:D)

the_thina at 5:12 pm June 07

haha. scandinavian department? where do you live and why do they have a scandinavian department and what do you do there? but I think denmark is the best countrey here around, even if some say its not a part of scandinavia. but norweigans sound so cute when they are talking. so they have the best language in scandinavia, Ill give you that

Lvndr HppE: So, my mom and I are vacationing near Tampa, Florida and we were near Orlando, so we spent the night there. Nearby the place we stayed was a tavern called "Fawlty Towers Tavern". I nearly gave everyone in the car a heart attack when I freaked out.

the_thina: this clip came on in some game-show I was watching. I used to love this song as a kid, but when I hit puberty it just got buerried deeper and deeper in my record-collection and never saw the light again. well, first we have the painter he is singing about "michael angelooou" who makes me think of a sketch, and then those vevet(?)pants who looks a bit like what eric was wearing on hollywood bowl, and the haircut was ericlike as well... anyway, got me giggeling. :)

MontyPythonrocks18: My mom was reading from this old Crime book that was my Grandfathers, she read something like "Chief Detective Inspector." and than she laughed and was like "DETECTIVE INSPECTOR *slap* :D

the_thina: was watching some documentary on the black death (you know, the plauge that wiped out most of europe in the medieval days)
they had actors that was telling their stories, as if a cameracrew went back in time and made it, they were dressed up and everything and talking of dead relatives. and I was thinking of both holy grail and gilliams jabberwocky almost the entire time. dont get me wrong, I love history, but the actors was a bit overkill for a serious docu IMO

Here Comes Another One at 6:10 am June 07

grr, don't get me started on that style of history documentary. *growls*

the_thina at 11:32 am June 07

I KNOW! so silly I almost thought it was a joke, but I knew that the facts they were telling about the plauge was correct so I guess it was "serious"